Zero Smoke - Does It Really Work?

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

As a growing number of people all over the globe are attempting to quit smoking, they are being besieged by erratic information regarding the ill effects of chronic smoking, the utter difficulty of this attempt, the obvious social aspects involved, among several others. As such, the quit smoking process is quickly becoming a debatable issue recently; and the quest for revolutionary smoking cessation aids has escalated into a deafening clamor. Various techniques have been utilized to identify the most ideal treatment approach to help in the process of quitting. Nevertheless, as of this writing, no such method has been innovated in spite of the appearance of certain methods with uncertain efficiency. The practice of acupuncture is a prevalent approach to smoking cessation attempts, and the principles of acupuncture have, as a matter of fact, been applied through different ways. In addition to acupuncture needles themselves, some methods that involve its principles are laser therapy and, more recently, Zero Smoke magnet therapy. Parallel to the practice of acupuncture, Zero Smoke employs magnets to invigorate particular points in the body to trigger endorphin release as well as motivate the specific nerve centers associated with addiction. However, even though the age-old acupuncture traditions have been proven effective for several decades and centuries, there is an absence of study to endorse acupuncture's recent versions. In light of this, in the paragraphs that follow, we will attempt to enlighten you about this reasonably unknown program.The primary distinction between zero smoke and acupuncture is their stimulation points. As acupuncture focuses on several regions in the body - such as, for instance, in the case of smoking cessation acupuncture where the nose, ear, and wrists are stimulated - the Zero Smoke method concentrates on only one point on the ear.

Another distinction is that acupuncture employs needles, whilst the Zero Smoke program utilizes two magnets. It seems that the grounds for this is that the magnets possess stimulating effects comparable to that of acupuncture needles when situated opposite each other on the 2 sides of the ear. It is alleged that the polarity of the magnets is an effective stimulant for this area given that ear tissues do not have a great deal of thickness.General response to this Zero Smoke method is thus far differing. There are people who claim that Zero Smoke is a total failure for the reason that Zero Smoke includes a lot of hidden and unadvertised expenses. But then again, there are a lot of consumers who swear that the Zero Smoke system is in fact effective. Unfortunately, generally speaking, the unenthusiastic response to the Zero Smoke program is much louder that the positive. Although the few successful cases can't be denied, the the growing rate of failure should caution possible users to keep their expectations real.To conclude, the halfhearted response to this particular type of stop smoking aid is extremely daunting. Because of this, we can't, in good conscience, recommend the Zero Smoke product for your use.

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