World Largest Economy is Getting All Smoky And

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

The latest update around the world's no tobacco day is, that China has imposed measure to restrict smoking amongst population! It is the shameful realization of the fact that the most rampantly producing industry in China is tobacco industry that has led to these severe measures. Another dismal and heart -rendering revelation is that there are around 300million only adult smokers in the nation. To add to this, the fact that paints things further bleak is that the country has produced around 2.3 trillion cigarettes last year, a flabbergasting amount that is over 40 % more than the past decade!

Tobacco kills and ruins is now a living idiom in China, with the stacks of death from smoking hazards having risen to around 1.2 million last year! Researchers have strongly recommended a break be put on Chinese tobacco industry. And this came about after yet another, mouth-gaping insight which claimed that the cost incurred for smoking last year, outweighed the profits of many jobs put together at $9.5 billion! It is quite ironical, that this industry is one of the strongest standing industries in China today, owing to the number of people involved and the incentives it fetches, yet, if we calculate the amount spent on curing people of tobacco related diseases and deaths, the figure runs into severe losses.

Thus maximum attention is being given to the efforts undertaken to bring down these ratios. The government is exercising strong control measures to drop the percentage of smokers consistently by 1% each year. There are various bans, checks, quality stringent and halts that are being practiced on production and sales of cigarettes, and other tobacco products. Whatsmore, regulations have categorized public indoors also as public arenas and enforces a strong fine even people are caught smoking here. Few of these measures solemnly being undertaken are:

Strengthening tobacco industry control

Tobacco sales are banned around schools and university areas

Tighter smoking bans in various communities and public places

Enforcing strong laws and penalties on smoking in public areas

Also, in vicinities such as restaurant, hospitals, schools, if people are caught smoking within the premises, not only people whore are caught but also the institutions will be liable to pay a penalty of upto 2,00 or 3,000 Yuan. Also, businesses can be forced to close down if they break the laws.

Thus the idea is to slowly and gradually transform several areas into tobacco free land! But it is done gradually keeping in mind millions whose livelihood hinges of tobacco produce or sales industry. As mentioned before strong measures will have to be implemented to bring a closure and consensus on these measures, and it will also pave way for a worldwide 'get rid of a cigarette' drive. To fetch any lucrative output globally, seems like a challenge , without a hearty participation from China!

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