Why is the bottle under the Arab hookah glass?

by:WOYU     2020-01-24
In ancient times, the accessories on the Arab hookah were wooden poles and metal bottles under them. This kind of hookah was not well sealed at first, which was not conducive to long-term use. After Venice invented glass, turkey changed the bottle of the hookah into glass, which is more beautiful and beautiful first. The old metal bottle is easy to rust due to long-term contact with water. If it is not used for more than a month, the metal bottle is glued to the pole and is difficult to take open. Glass bottles are safe and healthy. In the process of processing silica sand into glass, a glass container is fired at a high temperature. When using a glass bottle, you can observe the amount of liquid in the glass bottle at any time. Wheat smoke set Arab hookah QQ33163681 glass has a characteristic, which is easy to clean and disinfect. In this case, the dirty water after smoking hookah is simply poured out and cleaned. It will be very clean and bacteria and dirt will not breed in the bottle. When you use the hookah of the glass bottle, you can see the water in the bottle tumbling like boiling when inhaling. For beginners of hookah, the size of the smoke in the bottle can be directly observed with naked eyes, and the amount of smoke sucked in and out can be controlled, which is most visually helpful to prevent choking by the diameter of the smoke. Glass products have great plasticity and can be processed according to the needs of customers, so that there are various forms of beautiful hookah.
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