Wholesale agent joins Arab hookah

by:WOYU     2020-04-25

Just as Chinese people originally liked smoking leaves, now they like cigarettes, and Europeans like smoking pipes and cigars, Arabian hookah is a regional / regional usage habit. Of course, the usage habits in this area can be popular. 

China is not currently popular with pipes and cigars. Of course, the sense of grade is an important reason for its popularity. The smoking habits of fresh tobacco can also attract many tobacco enthusiasts. Eyeballs. Arabian hookah advocates a relaxing and relaxing mood for smoking. There is a certain space in China, a market that has not yet been opened. But this requires market guidance and allows consumers to understand the differences and advantages. Most modern Arabic hookahs are made in China (China is known as the world's processing plant). 

Traditional hookahs come from countries such as Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and the Middle East. Modern hookahs are based on modern manufacturing, while the most traditional hookahs are produced by hand-made production lines. Therefore, when we act as a wholesale player in Arabia, there is no need to pursue what is purely imported and manufactured abroad.                                

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