Turkish hookah: everyone smokes 'super large glass pipe'

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
   To be honest, when I first arrived in Turkey, I saw a glass bottle larger than a plastic bucket for drinking water and connected to a few hoses in a coffee shop. I really didn’t know what it was. I even asked my Turkish friends to find out that this is a hookah for smoking water pipes. It feels very fresh. Because I have seen that all the hookahs smoked by my grandfathers are made of copper since I was young, and they are so small that they can be held in my hands. I have never seen a hookah as big as Turkey.

   In fact, smoking hookah is also an 'exotic product' for Turks, imported from abroad. It was first popular in ancient India. At the beginning, Indians smoked cocoa husks (some people say coconut husks), and they inhaled the smoke through wheat straw. The Arabs quickly learned it and named it 'Nardil', but they did not smoke cocoa shells instead.

   was later spread to Persia and Turkey, and Turks began to smoke waterpipes in the 16th century. The various tools needed for hookah smoking are the barrels called 'Nargile' (obviously born in Arabic) as mentioned above. They are generally conical or cylindrical, divided into upper and lower layers. The bottom layer is filled with water, and the top metal smoke pot is filled with tobacco leaves and charcoal. There is a straight pipe in the middle. There are several hoses around the pot, and a straight section is attached to the hose head. For the pipe and cigarette holder, the smoker holds the straight pipe part and sucks in the smoke filtered by water through the cigarette holder.

   There are also several types of hookahs. The above-mentioned one is for smoking together. There are also hookahs that can only be smoked by one person, which are relatively small. In addition to being made of glass, hookahs can also be made of porcelain or metal (such as brass), and high-end ones are made of Bohemian crystal or Chinese ceramics. Smoke pots are generally made of copper or clay, while cigarette holders are made of ceramic or stone materials. In the past, the hookah used in the Ottoman palace was made of crystal body, gold or silver smoke pot, and the hose was inlaid with various gems. It is very elegant, and it is still available in the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. see.
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