To what extent can the hookah burn carbon

by:WOYU     2020-02-11
People need professional hookah carbon when smoking hookah. The special hookah carbon has a fast ignition speed, long burning time, light smoke, tasteless, non-toxic, durable and durable. Generally, a small piece of charcoal can burn for 50 minutes to one. Hours, and it emits fragrance during the burning process. It is charcoal for hookahs, charcoal for noble incense and charcoal for religion. It is a tasteless, non-toxic and smoke-free green product. So, to what extent can the hookah burn carbon Generally, it takes at least half an hour to an hour to smoke a pot of hookah tobacco, but the time varies depending on the model of the hookah. For example, if one uses it, the hookah carbon does not need to be broken, and it can be directly smoked, but if two or more people smoke at the same time, the hookah carbon needs to be broken. It is usually burned in carbon fire for about 1 minute, so that it can be seen red in the dark, and the other is not to smoke. Put it on the tin foil again so that the taste will not be charcoal. Another suggestion is to use a clip to divide the hookah carbon into small pieces and place it on the edge of the chimney, and heat it evenly, so that it feels better to use. Of course, because there are many types and shapes of Arabian hookah carbon, and the manufacturers are also different, there are differences in the manufacturing method and the content of the ingredients, so the specific degree of hookah carbon combustion cannot be determined. Of course, the premise is that you The purchased hookah is genuine and not fake.
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