Tips For a Fast And Successful Smoke Cleanup in

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

A disturbing smoke smell in your home can be caused by an indoor fire incident or cigarette smoking. However, the smell may also be a result of a fire in your neighborhood. Wildfires for instance, can cause a thick smoke that can travel inside homes. This was the case once in Lexington, Kentucky during a summer drought.

If you compare a fire cleanup to a smoke cleanup only, the latter is less massive in nature; however, it is equally difficult. The reason for the difficulty of this task is that smoke can be absorbed by linens and porous materials. And since a home has a number of fixtures with this kind of materials, it can be hard to point out which needs smoke smell removal. As a result, a total home cleanup will be needed.

Before you start cleaning your home, you should arm yourself with the proper cleanup clothing, tools and supplies. You might also want to prepare a tool box that will allow you to place your needed tools at an arm's length. And if you can find individuals who can help you with the cleanup, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Begin your smoke removal by removing the main source of the smell. In the case of a fire incident, for instance, you should remove charred debris and soot. Stubborn soot can be removed by brushing with soap and water or by using a DIY sponge soot removal kit.

You can then proceed with cleaning your walls. For your exterior walls, pressure wash from top to bottom. This will also remove any dirt that has accumulated on them. For interior walls, scrub/wash clean with a detergent solution. Rinse with water carefully to avoid getting your furniture or electrical outlets wet. You can use appropriate cleaning agent that won't remove paint, wash cloths, brushes and a pail for this task.

Items made of linen should be laundered or sent to professional dry cleaners. The latter solution will prompt you to shell out cash. However, this will greatly lessen your tasks. Also, larger and heavier items like carpets, rags and upholstered furniture may need professional cleaning. These can be hard to dry on your own even if you use an effective kitchen cleaning agents or a spray deodorizer.

For other hard-surfaced items, you can just wash them with soap and water. Include little washable knick knacks that you have on display. Non-washable items, on the other hand, can just be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Allow everything to dry completely.

Cleaning your HVAC system should also be a priority. Smoke might have seeped into filters or ducts and when you turn on your HVAC, smoke will still linger despite your cleanup. If, however, you do not have the know-how or capacity to clean your HVAC, you should contact professional cleaners. Have them replace your filters as well before your HVAC is used.

Smoke as an aftermath of a home fire incident, indoor cigarette smoking or a neighboring fire, can be hard to remove, but with the right knowledge on proper procedures and the tools needed, or by calling for professional help, it's possible to achieve fast and successful smoke removal.

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