The use and installation of SHISHA

by:WOYU     2020-04-18
Instructions: 1. Fill the cigarette bottle with water until it is submerged in the filter copper tube 2CM, the water level is not too high; Adding juice or whiskey to the water bottle, or evenly mixing the smoke with milk will be very fragrant ~ what flavor do you like, you are the one to do your own !!!!) 2. Screw a filter copper tube on the bottom of the lance rod, insert it into the water bottle and tighten (seal) 3. Remove the white or transparent rubber ring from the top of the gun barrel, put on the gray dish, put it back on the white rubber ring, and then put it into the ceramic socket; the effect of the installed hookah 4. Then disassemble the fruit smoke material (after opening, seal and place it in a cool and dry place with a sealed jar or fresh-keeping bag), use carbon clips to take the smoke material into the ceramic tobacco bowl, the method of clamping the smoke material (according to its own consumption, first It is recommended to take a small amount for the second trial and cover the ventilation holes in the tobacco bowl to avoid waste. It should be flush with the ceramic bowl at most. Do not squeeze it and affect the circulation. The flavor of the tobacco material has double apple flavor, strawberry flavor, etc.); Tobacco material into ceramic cigarette bowl 5. Then cut a square of tin foil to wrap the entire ceramic seat where the smoke material is placed (keep it sealed), pierce some holes on the tin foil with one end of a toothpick or carbon clip (preferably the diameter and size of the hole The size of the granular carbon is about the same, so that the sealing effect is better) 6. The carbon clip clips a piece of carbon, and use a lighter to burn the red charcoal. To avoid headaches and poisoning, please use non-toxic, smokeless, and odorless special charcoal, which must be burnt red.) Above the tin foil hole (the carbon should not be in direct contact with the fruit smoke material); it can be placed on the tin foil after lighting Note: At this time, the black part of the carbon is not burned. Use a straw to start inhaling and spit out, which can accelerate the full burning of the carbon, but do not breathe into the lungs at this time! 7. Remove the end of the smoking hose with the black rubber ring (spare) and insert it into the socket of the gun barrel (to keep the seal), the overall effect of the installation is pumped, you can hear the sound of 'Gurulu', accompanied by The smoke gently floating in the mouth, standing or sitting or lying, leisurely ... chatting with friends, savoring healthy and casual fashion, the smoke is fragrant, and the wife can no longer smell the nasty smell of tar Now, the whole house exudes a hint of fruity aroma ... wow! Too much enjoy ... Maintenance: It is strongly recommended that you wash after using the hookah every time, and change the water every time the tobacco is smoked to ensure cleanness and pure taste; especially when you change the tobacco of different flavors, so as not to remain in the hookah. The other tastes in the interior can change the taste and affect the taste; use a special cleaning brush to clean the chimney and water bottle; the hose can not be cleaned, but just blow hard into the bottle after each use to clean the debris in the hose.
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