The etiquette of Arab hookah

by:WOYU     2020-01-20
When absorbing smoke in Arab countries, abide by these guidelines and pay attention to some etiquette to ensure a safe and pleasant smoking process. 1. Smoking Arabian hookah cannot be used to light the cigarette in your hand with other people's charcoal, because it is regarded as disrespectful; 2. When the customer walks to the front of the cigarette bag, make sure that the cigarette bag hose is in his direction, because it is friendly and more polite to the customer; 3. Please do not move too high a cigarette bag to the table in the Arab hookah, especially when there is no windproof cover, which will become a dangerous hidden danger; 4. People who never smoke had better not point at people who are smoking Arabic hookah face to face; 5. The owner never uses the filter that he used for others, because it is impolite and hygienic; 6. In order to show that you have finished smoking hookah, generally pull out the hose and hang it on the pipe again; 7. Use pliers to ignite hookah charcoal, do not face the face or body parts of the person, and use it after it is completely burned; 8. Don't knock on the bottle of hookah to make a sound, and enjoy the beautiful process as quietly as others; 9, only use special hookah honey or adjusted cigarette Honey, do not directly put charcoal on the cigarette honey, because it will burn quickly.
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