The charm of the hookah

by:WOYU     2020-04-22
No beer and no coffee, only an Arabian hookah pipe exudes the night's scent Some air enters from the top Touching warm charcoal balls Touching fruity shredded tobacco Touching water, grunt, grunt, it's night, a hookah takes some people's time Kneading together, it was night, and I was quietly conquered by hookah. One of the reasons why the Arabian hookah with a mysterious temperament of one thousand and one nights is popular is that it is different from ordinary cigarettes. It is a fashionable and healthy product. 1. First of all, it does not pollute the air. The smoke produced by the Arabian hookah is not a choking smoke smell, but a burst of fruit flavors, and there are various fruit flavors. It is not the smoke that is swallowed. It is all like perfume. 2. The processing process and principle of hookah, the cultivation of hookah is similar to that of ordinary tobacco, but the processing process, use method and use effect are very different from ordinary cigarettes. Traditional craftsmanship and ancient technology are certainly a feature. The biggest difference is the formula of hookah. The processing process of hookah is a typical Chinese medicine processing process. In addition to the tobacco leaves of hookah, the first and twenty flavors are mainly dominated by musk and borneol Traditional Chinese medicine forms a traditional secret formula. The compatible traditional Chinese medicine has many functions such as activating qi, activating the mind, invigorating the brain, strengthening the spleen and calming the mind, expelling lungs and reducing phlegm, reducing inflammation and pain, clearing heat and detoxification. ! Some people may ask, no matter how good the traditional Chinese medicine is, after burning it will have nothing, the curative effect is safe? Not too! The burning process of hookah smoking is a rapid incomplete combustion. The aromatic substances such as volatile oil in tobacco and medicines are effective components that act on the respiratory system and nervous system. After filtering through the hookah, the content of harmful substances is reduced. The refining of fire and the filtering and filtering of water, under the action of water and fire, the scientific and artistic nature of hookah has become a research content that cannot be ignored. In the traditional Chinese medicine, there is a 'smoke therapy' for cough and phlegm. It can be seen that the usage of hookah is based on Chinese medicine. 3. Secondly, compared to cigarettes, waterpipes have smaller harmful substances after being filtered by water, so they are much healthier, but waterpipes can smoke waterpipes regardless of whether you will smoke or not. There will be no dizziness and choking feeling. There is no smell of smoke in the mouth, they are all fragrant and fruity, so many fashionable girls are also hookahs. It is possible that they do not smoke at all, but they do have a soft spot for hookahs. 4. The fancy method of hookah will fascinate them. The main reason why it is called Arabian hookah is that it has water in its cigarette bottle for filtration, but nowadays, those who are hooked on hookah really like not to put water in the cigarette bottle, but put juice, wine, and wine in the bottle. Liquids such as milk make the feeling of smoking hookah more enjoyable, because putting different liquids will bring out different flavors, which is why many people in the entertainment industry now like hookahs. [What's special about hookah] Arabian hookah, also known as SHISHA / HubblyBubbly / Hookah, is part of Arab countries and Islamic culture and life traditions. The tobacco material is made of fruit, and the content of tar and nicotine is extremely low. Shisha is a popular and popular way of smoking in many countries in the world, especially in Arab countries, which has a history of 500 years. Health, hygiene, elegance, elegance. [Illustration of the composition and use of Arabian hookah] From the original made of coconut shell, rough and original; until now we see the beautiful shape and fine workmanship of the Arabian hookah. The hookah has become the main bearing and external performance of the Arabian hookah culture. . Generally speaking, the hookah is mainly composed of the main parts such as the base, the stem, the hose, the ceramic bowl (Bowl), etc. It consists of additional components such as bottles / pipes / grommet (Grommet).
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