Smoking is obviously prohibited on the plane

by:WOYU     2020-04-29

In many modes of transportation, do you know which safety q factor is the highest, train? Steamship? car? None, the safest is the plane! Many people may be surprised, how is the most complete airplane flying in the sky? 

This is due to the strict scrutiny mechanism of the aircraft, all kinds of dangerous goods are strictly prohibited to board the aircraft. Even the captain of the aircraft must have sufficient flight time to fly the aircraft. In addition, the aircraft regularly checks various components, so the aircraft is the safest means of transportation. In addition to the safety of the aircraft, its speed and comfort are also the reasons why many passengers choose. Everyone knows that smoking is prohibited on airplanes, so why are ashtrays installed on airplanes, do you know the reason for the ability? In fact, not only planes, basically all tourists are not allowed to smoke. 

As long as you walk into the airport and haven't even boarded the plane, various warning signs prohibiting smoking are everywhere. What is the purpose of the ashtray in the aircraft bathroom? It is said that passengers were initially allowed to smoke on the plane, but later they were banned. First of all, the aircraft is a closed space, and the air flow is poor. Smoking will make the air quality worse. Many tourists who do not smoke naturally do not want to smoke second-hand smoke. The most important point is for safety reasons. The reason why the toilet is also set up with an ashtray is actually a kind of preventive effect. After all, one hundred secrets, if the cigarette is still taken by the passenger by chance, the security check did not detect it. In order to prevent passengers from throwing cigarette butts after stealing cigarettes in the bathroom, airlines have set up ashtrays intimately. Even airlines in some countries have made clear regulations that airplanes cannot take off without an ashtray! Everyone also understands this strict regulation, after all, safety is the most important thing. It is also these strict regulations that make the airplane the safest travel tool. Smoking is a harmless business. Here is also a call for smokers to think about their own health. Let's quit smoking as soon as possible. Not only do you not smoke on airplanes, but also do not smoke on other vehicles for the safety of others and yourself. Now you know why ashtrays are still placed on the plane, what do you think of this?                                

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