Smoke Detectors-Where Should They Be Installed?

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

The skyline in Atlanta, Georgia is becoming dynamic due to the numerous high-rises that are being constructed at an accelerated pace. Tall buildings are being constructed for commercial and residential purposes.

In present day Atlanta, space has become a precious commodity, with many offices and residential complexes packed together in tall, narrow buildings. An accidental fire in one of these units can quickly spread into neighboring areas, and if not stopped in time, it could damage the entire structure.

With the city of Atlanta losing $668 million last year in accidental fires alone, the installation of smoke detectors by Atlanta electrical contractor has gained a whole new significance. The recent rise in the number of fire accidents has made the Georgia Government issue strict directives to installation of these devices and fire alarms in every building at specified locations.

The following guidelines are being issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and should be kept in mind when a new install is taking place in your home:

Interconnected smoke detectors are beneficial for people who are used to sleeping in rooms with doors closed so that if there is a fire in one room, all the alarms in the house are sounded.

Although it is not recommended that you install these devices yourself. You should check with a licensed electrical contractor in Atlanta, Georgia about the rules and regulations related to the installation of smoke detectors in your home.

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