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by:WOYU     2020-09-22

Cigarette smoking has many extremely dangerous and harmful side effects as many of us are all too aware of. These days even regular high churn smokers can see the writing on the wall. Unlike many years ago when smoking was perhaps even touted as being a natural and seemingly harmless activity. Today manufacturers themselves are placing warnings of dangers of smoking on the cigarette packet itself, and in huge block capital fonts no less.

So considering all of this, why do so many people continue to smoke? Well contrary to popular belief its not just due to stress that many smokers get hooked. In many cases it may have started out due to peer pressure in their teenage years. This probably carried on for several years, and reached a point where the smoker was himself unable to kick the habit. By that point it would have become a deeply ingrained addiction, one that would prove extremely difficult to overcome for the average person.

Harmful Side Effects Of Regular Cigarettes

As you might expect, the list of harmful chemicals in a traditional cigarette can run into the thousands. The most dangerous toxins would be familiar to many of us however. Tobacco, tar, smoke, etc , are the usual suspects. Not only will these do permanent harm to our bodies but they will also drastically increase the risk of developing life threatening cancers.

Benefits Of Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless cigarettes on the other hand are basically electronic devices which contain none of the harmful chemicals common in regular tobacco cigarettes. Most of them contain similar components, however some such as Smoke Assist may be more solidly built than others. There is usually a rechargeable battery, an atomizer which contains the flavored liquid cartridges, and the inhaler. In terms of appearance many are extremely realistic in both their look and feel.

How Does It Compare

Although the experience provided by many e-cigarettes may often be quite realistic, they are completely free from any tobacco. The realistic looking 'smoke' that is easily produced in large amounts is nothing more than water vapor 'mist'. The tobacco taste too, while it may be flavorful is in fact merely an accurately reproduced tobacco flavor.

Smokeless Cigarettes Win Every Time

So, taking all the above information into account, it should be quite evident that smokeless cigarettes are nothing like their tobacco based counterparts as far as your health is concerned. You can rest easy in the knowledge that although it may seem like you are comfortably enjoying your regular smoking experience, you are in fact choosing to go with a far healthier alternative instead.

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