Shisha with juice

by:WOYU     2020-02-13
For Arabs, smoking hookah is definitely a delight, and cafes and hookahs are the most important social places. People are sitting around leisurely, while chatting with each other, while you are passing the hookah in one bite. Arabs cannot do without hookah In the hookah halls or cafes all over the street, people who smoked hookahs in groups of three or two came as early as possible, and some stayed for three or four hours until late at night. When the first glimmer of the sun had just entered the cafe, the smoker rubbed his sleepy eyes, sitting lazily around the fire, and had an addiction before going to work. Many people have their own hookahs in cafes, and those who are more sophisticated and easy to carry carry silver mouthpieces with them. An Arab novelist described the smoking of the hookah, saying: 'Tengyun drives the fog, the water fans are drunk, the classic time goes back in time, and returns to the distant past.' Some people say that the Egyptian writer Nagy, who won the Nobel Prize The inspiration for Bou Mahafoz's creation comes from the cafes and hookahs he frequents. Western media commented that the thinking of Arab intellectuals was packed in their smoking pots. According to Western authoritative scholars, hookah first appeared in India, then became popular in Persia, and gradually became popular in the Arab world. The Arabs have developed shisha to the extreme. Hookahs were originally made from coconut shells, and now they are all kinds of art. Each part of it is carefully crafted and named after a craftsman. The hookah consists of a pot body, a tobacco bowl, a tobacco pipe and a cigarette holder. The body is usually made of glass or steel and also ceramic, and is inlaid with precious materials such as gold, silver or coral. The pot looks like a carafe, and its base holds water. Water can clean soot from burning tobacco and filter nicotine. The tobacco bowl is placed on the pot, and it has a small metal plate for charcoal ash. Above the plate was a small cup-shaped bowl filled with tobacco. The bowl is covered with a conical 'hat', which will not be blown out even if the wind and flames are blown. The charcoal burning on tobacco is also particular about it. People like to use the charcoal made of oak because it burns the most and the smoke is not stingy. The smoking pipe is connected to the pot body. One pot can be inserted into multiple smoking pipes, and people can share a hookah. The cigarette holder at the end of the pipe is usually carved from fine amber. In the past, amber was thought not to carry bacteria. Ordinary cigarette holders are now made of wood or metal. Never borrow fire from a smoker Smoking hookah requires experience, it takes at least half an hour to smoke a pot of shredded tobacco. People add cold water to the pipe, and then assemble the other parts of the pipe. There is a rubber band at the main joint of the tobacco pipe and the cigarette holder. People wet the rubber band to ensure that all the interfaces are tightened. The tobacco pipe is inserted about 3 cm below the water surface of the chimney. Finally, pinch a pinch of shredded tobacco in a bowl. When the shredded tobacco is almost finished, there will be a spicy smell in the throat, and it is time to add shredded tobacco. If people feel that the smoke is not strong enough and the aroma is not heavy enough, the temperature of the charcoal fire may not be enough. Some people like to put a layer of perforated foil between tobacco and charcoal, so that charcoal and tobacco will not stick together. People who smoke hookahs most hate the use of fire by others to light cigarettes with the charcoal on the hookah. This seems to them to be an unforgivable 'sin' and easily annoys them. Black tobacco is not fragrant anymore The tobacco used for hookah is different from ordinary cigarettes or cigars. In the past, waterpipe tobacco was mainly black tobacco imported from Iran. This tobacco is rushed and washed several times before use. Well-known tobacco brands include Waha and Nahera, with flavors such as apple, strawberry, banana, apricot, grape, pineapple, peach and melon, mint and milk coffee. In the 19th century, some Sudan likes mixing opium, perfume and ground pearl powder with tobacco. In 1841, a sultan was reluctant to share his carefully prepared precious tobacco with the French ambassador, which almost caused a small diplomatic dispute. Fruit tobacco from Egypt and Bahrain now replaces traditional black tobacco. Fruit tobacco is made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit flesh and honey. When smoking, people add apple juice, sour cherry juice, grape juice, orange juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, rose oil, and even wine to the water in the water of the flask to make the cigarette taste stronger and the smell is rich and fragrant. It is estimated that these hookah tobaccos contain 30% of tobacco leaves and 70% of fruit and syrup. Despite this, the hookah's tobacco is still very strong. If people use ordinary pipes, they will be dizzy after smoking, and the long hookah can play a role in filtering and alleviating the tobacco, making the cigarette thin. , Stable smoke flow. Hookahs can be bought everywhere in the bazaars of Arab countries, ranging from 0.5 meters to 1 meter in length and priced between $ 8 and $ 20. Tobacco is usually sold in cafes and supermarkets, and a pack of tobacco ranges from about $ 0.5 to $ 5. Tourists buy it as a souvenir, or breathe in for one last time, the fun is endless.
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