Several misunderstandings of Arab hookah lovers

by:WOYU     2020-01-22
Hookah is a pleasant pastime. When you start smoking hookah for the first time, it will inevitably lead to some bad hookah habits. Today, 'I am looking for a pumping' to help everyone find out these bad habits, and help everyone lose these bad habits ~ 1. The burning hookah is dangerous. The burning hookah is really not a joke. It is very dangerous! Accidentally falling on the carpet is likely to burn directly. The burning hookah is even more dangerous to move. I hope everyone can get rid of this bad habit. 2. Do not use pliers to clamp several pieces of hookah at one time. It is best to use a coal rack. First, transfer all the burning hookah to the coal rack, and then carefully transfer the hookah from the coal rack to the tobacco pan. When using pliers, be sure to use pliers that hold the top and bottom of the coal, not the sides. Otherwise, too much hookah will fall off, and you must pay attention to safety while enjoying hookah! 3. Unclean water is very dangerous. Everyone wants to steal a little lazy time, but in the long run it will damage your hookah. In this case, we need to pay special attention to replacing the water in the hookah. Each time you use it, it will more or less remain in the water. Water does not change for a long time and is easy to breed and grow mold. If it is sucked into your body, it is very harmful to your health. If the hookah Rod contacts water for a long time, it will rust or produce mineral deposits. Change water after using hookah every time! Believe me, it's worth it. 4. Don't be lazy in Making hookah. Making hookah is definitely an art. Different smoke pots and different hookah brands need different production methods to perfectly show their charm. At the time of production, if you just throw your hookah into the pot without any intention, it will not be very good. Of course, you will smoke hookah, but your hookah does not taste very good and may burn and may not be very strong. For the placement of cigarette cream, please refer to the last week's tweet. Paul taught me how to do it better ~ 5. Lazy aluminum foil stretching the correct use of aluminum foil will bring a good hookah experience. The Function of aluminum foil is to suspend coal above the smoke pot and adjust the airflow/heat flowing through the hookah. If you want the aluminum foil to be as tight as a drum, you need the hole to be evenly sized and surround the smoke pan. Poke holes can encourage you to experiment according to your hobbies until you find the most suitable method for you. Making your Aluminum foil as tight as possible is the key here. Taking a few seconds to make it carefully will make a huge difference. What is the most important thing about using lit hookah in these bad habits? That is, when preparing hookah, we always want to finish it quickly. The perfect preparation process does take some time, but it is well worth it. When it comes to igniting hookah, you should choose to ignite it well. Using unignited hookah will bring you a terrible taste and the heating will be very uneven. Most importantly, when your hookah initially lights up, especially when it lights up quickly, they will give off some annoying smell. Leave the coal on the burner until they are completely covered with ash and red. Careless treatment of the hose every time you smoke, some pumping actions will cause the hot coal to fly, or your hookah to fall to the ground. The hookah hose is an extension of the hookah itself and should be treated in this way. The hose is connected to hot coal and fragile glass. When smoking, it should be noted that the hose is not knotted, the length of the hose and the overall stability of the hookah itself. Remember these things, don't swing the hose at will, respect the hookah, and enjoy the hookah safely. There is too much water in the hookah. The water in the hookah needs a lot of water. However, the water in the hookah needs an appropriate amount. It can't be too much water, which will cause blisters to the heart of the hookah and the hose, this situation will lead to gear degradation over time. If you enjoy hookah when there is too much water, it will soak your smoke Pan and completely destroy the smell of hookah.
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