Sensational Smoke Free Alternative Kicking Butt

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

Electric cigarettes first came about in 2004 in the country of China. The original intention of the device was to allow smokers to be able to get the pleasure of a cigarette in a smoke free environment. With the worlds continuing interest in healthier environments and the dangers of second hand smoke, the device took off in popularity. Today electric cigarettes are a common commodity among smokers and provide an affordable solution to the rising cost of tobacco products and provide an Ejuice option that eliminates the flavor issue.

As with all things technology related, electric cigarettes have too gone under some major beneficial changes over the years that make them more attractive to the end user. The original technology utilized an ultrasonic design. Today's version of the electric cigarettes uses an atomizer approach in most models. At the start the device contained three pieces in which the atomizer was located in the center of the unit. In units produced today, the atomizer is built into the cartridge portion of the smoke-free cigarettes.

What is it that makes the electronic cigarette a workable option for those who are trying to reduce their use of nicotine? There are many reasons for the popularity and success of the e cigarettes. For starters the cost is very economical, most starter kits run about $30.00, with refill cartridges running about a dollar per cartridge. A cartridge is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, which can cost anywhere from $3 - $6. The refill cartridges come in a package of 10, and are close to equivalent of purchasing a carton of cigarettes in use. That is an easy savings of $20.00 or more.

Another great thing about electric cigarettes is that you are not limited to one flavor or concentration of nicotine! With the introduction of EJuice, you can add variety to the brands you smoke. The ecigarette simulates flavors such as Marlboro, menthol, and even coffee flavored if you so choose with available milligrams of nicotine ranging from 6 - 24. EJuice also is available in cherry flavor and vitamin enhanced ejuice. The vitamins are A,B,C, and D and are produced by VitaVapors.

If you are thinking about kicking the habit, or maybe just reducing the harmful health effects to you and those around you, then perhaps the ecigarette is the option you have been waiting for. With the Ejuice options and the affordability of the system this is definitely an easy to use and succeed method. No more going outside to smoke because you won't bother anyone with the vapor, it's virtually odorless.

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