Palestinians go crazy with tariff hikes and hookah prices

by:WOYU     2020-04-17
Palestinians like to smoke hookah. 'It is better to have no meat for three days than smokeless one day.' Israel has recently increased tariffs on cigarette paste imports. The price of hookahs across Palestine has generally risen, smokers are mad, and many housewives are very happy. Increased sharply In addition to restaurants, the most common on the streets of Palestine are large and small hookah restaurants. In recent days, hookahs in many cities on the West Bank have been deserted. Ziam Azadi operates a hookah restaurant in the center of Ramallah. He said that this was mainly due to the increase in the price of hookahs. The unit price increased from 7 shekels (about 1.3 US dollars) to 15 shekels. (US $ 3.9). Cigarette cream is the main component of hookah, made with tobacco and honey or fruits. The tobacco smoke used by the Palestinians is mainly produced in Egypt and Bahrain. The Deputy Minister of the Palestinian Economy Abdul Hafez said earlier this week that the increase in cigarette smoke prices was mainly due to Israel 鈥檚 increased import tariffs on cigarette smoke from 50,000 shekels (50 shekels per kilogram) Seoul (US $ 98.8). The Palestinian territories have been occupied by Israel for a long time, and the two sides have implemented uniform import tariffs in accordance with the Paris Economic Protocol signed in 1994. Israel 鈥檚 increased tariffs mean higher Palestinian purchase prices. big influence The lives of Palestinians are almost inseparable from hookah, which is also a necessity for many Palestinian men. This drastic price increase has deterred residents who have been on a tight schedule for many days, and the loss of shisha shop customers has been severe. The price increase of hookah has become a hot topic among the public. Some young people set up a homepage on the social networking site 'Let's oppose the price increase of hookah'. Some young people even called for demonstrations, joking that the increase in the price of hookah would cause another Palestinian 'revolt.' President of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Association Salah Haniya said that the attention caused by the increase in the price of hookahs is comparable to the past price increase of the Palestinian staple pie, and the association has received many complaints in the past few days. Housewife hi Hookah prices are not without supporters. When many people heard the news, the first reaction was 'this is better', especially those housewives who do not smoke hookah. The husband and several sons of Um Qasim, a Ramallah woman, loved smoking hookah. The first reaction after she knew the news was that it was good for her health and at the same time, her family could save money! Another housewife, Maha, hopes that the increase in the price of hookah will reduce the time her husband is away, staying at home more and staying with him. She said that her husband soaked in the hookah every night, and did not go home until 10 o'clock, he had nothing to do. Hookah is a popular way of smoking in the Middle East, smoking with a hookah. Many businesses claim that waterpipes are not harmful to the body, but research reports released by the World Health Organization show that waterpipes are similar to cigarettes and also contain toxic substances, and that waterpipe smoking has a greater health risk than paper cigarettes.
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