Online shopping witnesses the road to consumption upgrade

by:WOYU     2020-02-19
The first online transaction in the world was completed in 1994, and China only ushered in the first online transaction in 1998. So far, China's e-commerce has made remarkable achievements. The report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center shows that the overall scale of Chinese online shopping users reached 569 million in the first half of 2018, and the total online shopping consumption in 2018 will exceed 8 trillion yuan. Online shopping has become the norm of consumption, attracting more and more consumers to participate in it, and the lives of Chinese people are also wonderful because of online shopping. 'Your courier is here!' This is the most pleasant word that Hu Xiaoyan, a citizen of Xi'an, Shaanxi, heard from her busy schedule. Without leaving the house, with a click of the mouse, your favorite items will 'fly' day and night. For someone who loves shopping like Hu Xiaoyan, these years of online shopping experience are like a slideshow, recording all her consumption stories. From online 'Little White' to online shopping 'Daren' Hu Xiaoyan first knew that online shopping was in 2007. At the time, she had just rented out with a friend after graduating from college. One day, a friend had a beige short-sleeved shirt next to her pillow. Hu Xiaoyan felt very beautiful and asked casually: 'Where to buy clothes?' A friend said, 'I bought it online and just mailed it in.' Hu Xiaoyan went to college She had been living in the countryside before. When she mentioned the Internet, her first impression was that of an Internet cafe. Her few online experiences were also in Internet cafes. Online shopping was a strange thing for her. On which website can I buy clothes, how do I pay, what do I do if I do n’t receive the items, how to deal with the quality of the purchased items ... Hu Xiaoyan gradually understood these online shopping issues and started her first online shopping. . She selected a package on Taobao, and communicated with the customer service staff about the price, postage and other issues before placing an order. 虽然 Although it is only 4 days to wait for the receipt, it is a long process for her. 'I always wonder if there will be any problems. I was relieved until the moment I received the courier.' Hu Xiaoyan said with a smile. The bag I bought was now used as a 'souvenir' for the first time online and placed at home. Reluctant to throw on the bookshelf. With the first online purchase, soon there were the second and third ... clothes, bedding, new year's gifts for parents, and even wedding gowns were bought by Hu Xiaoyan from shopping websites. Today, Hu Xiaoyan has become an out-of-the-box “expert” in online shopping, and often shares her online shopping experience and skills with colleagues and friends. From 'buy buy buy' to pursue shopping experience 'Double 11' is coming in 2018, and Xi'an citizen Yan Yirong's Taobao shopping cart is still empty. At this time in previous years, he added at least a dozen items, covering all aspects of life. 'There aren't any special needs these days. I should buy everything.' Yan Yirong said. Yan Yirong is not alone. As the main force of online shopping, young people's expectations for 'Double 11' are changing. Recently, the 'Youth Survey' joint questionnaire website of the China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 1969 young people aged 18 to 35. The results show that 68.1% of the young people surveyed value value for money, 58.3% of the young people consider practicality and necessity, and 61.1% of the young people think that young people should consume for interest and self-improvement. 'People now pay more attention to the quality of goods and services, and the cost-effectiveness of goods, and they become more mature and rational when shopping online.' Li Yuehua, who runs a Taobao store, believes that young people are increasingly demanding on the quality of life and pay more attention to shopping Experience. A good shopping experience is that the price is low and the quality is not low, and the product quality is guaranteed, so that consumers have a real sense of gain. Online shopping products often have price advantages, but if the quality is discounted, this advantage will quickly disappear or even become a disadvantage. According to media reports, some e-commerce platforms are working hard to meet consumer demand for high-quality shopping. For example, JD Group established the Customer Excellence Experience Department this year to strengthen its service IP 'Reliable Purchase', covering basic services such as 'delivery and installation', 'lightning refund' and other special after-sales services such as 'home replacement' and 'delayed delivery subsidies'. Service and continuously upgrade user experience. A number of anti-counterfeiting technologies of Alibaba Group have also appeared recently. These black technologies use algorithms to build a large number of accurate and complex data models. They operate at high speed throughout the network 24 hours a day, identify and screen suspicious products, and strive to improve the quality of products, so that consumers can buy with confidence and peace of mind. Buying Global Refraction of Consumption Upgrade Trend 'This is the Chilean cherry I bought at the' foreign cargo terminal. 'On November 6, consumer Zhu Jingjing said that with the cross-border e-commerce platform, Chilean cherry, Mexican avocado, Argentina's red shrimp, Some foreign foods such as dried mangoes in the Philippines are no longer far away from her daily life. With the development and popularity of cross-border e-commerce, domestic consumers can more easily purchase foreign goods. It is not difficult to find cross-border e-commerce platforms such as NetEase Koala Haigou, Tmall International, and Amazon. In addition to food, there are many special products in countries around the world, such as Sri Lanka's Ceylon Black Tea, Nepal's Bodhi Bracelets, Cotton products, Czech crystal products, jadeite jadeite in Myanmar, rose essential oils in Bulgaria, etc. are now easily available. According to statistics, only through the JD Mall platform, more than 50 products from countries along the “Belt and Road” have entered China. At the same time, Chinese goods are also being continuously sold to countries along the “Belt and Road”, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Thailand, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Through the cross-border e-commerce platform, consumers and merchants have truly realized “buying the world and selling the world”. Cross-border e-commerce is being recognized and sought after by more and more consumers in China. 168.2 billion yuan, which is a new record of transaction volume set by Tmall “Double 11” last year, which is inseparable from the contribution of cross-border e-commerce. According to Alibaba Group statistics, people from 225 countries and regions participated in this shopping spree, generating a total of 812 million logistics orders, and the products sold covered more than 1 million merchants worldwide. 同时 While the transaction records are constantly refreshed, the categories of overseas products purchased online are also increasingly diversified. As people ’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, consumers ’demand for cross-border shopping is no longer limited to the traditional three categories of mother and baby, beauty and health care, and their choices are becoming more diverse. The degree of welcome has increased significantly. In addition, imported appliances and light luxury goods have gradually become favored by Chinese cross-border online shopping users. However, logistics and services have been pain points for cross-border online shopping. In preparation for this year's 'Double 11', major cross-border online shopping platforms have played a 'service card'. By strengthening the capabilities of the supply chain system, logistics guarantee, and after-sales service, consumers' worries about cross-border online shopping have been resolved. Some in the industry believe that Haitao has become a popular choice for online shopping users today. Consumers' purchasing needs are constantly escalating, and they have gradually shifted from pursuing explosions in standard products to pursuing personalized and differentiated products. Domestic cross-border e-commerce policy dividends continue to increase, which will regulate and accelerate the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry and create a good cross-border consumption environment for consumers.
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