One shisha smoking is equivalent to smoking 125 cigarettes

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
Many young people like to smoke hookah, and even mistakenly think that it is healthier than smoking cigarettes, but this idea is absolutely wrong! Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine conducted a comprehensive study on waterpipes, reviewed more than 500 studies on waterpipes and cigarettes, and selected 17 data on toxic substances for analysis. Researchers found that compared with smoking ordinary cigarettes, the smoke inhaled by each waterpipe smoking is 125 times that of cigarettes; the tar inhaled is 25 times that of cigarettes; the nicotine inhaled is 2.5 times that of cigarettes; the carbon monoxide inhaled is cigarettes 10 times.

One of the main reasons why waterpipe smoking can inhale more harmful substances than smoking cigarettes is that waterpipe smoking takes longer and the intensity of inhalation is also greater. In addition to the toxic compounds mentioned above, smoking waterpipe will also inhale heavy metals such as arsenic (an element of arsenic), lead, and nickel, which are harmful to the brain.

Researchers pointed out that previous studies on harmful substances inhaled from waterpipes have different data. This time, the research just once again determines the health hazards of waterpipes. They also suggested that the US government should regulate waterpipes more closely.

However, the researchers also mentioned that although data show that waterpipe smoking can inhale a large amount of harmful substances, it is difficult to compare the harm with ordinary cigarettes because people who smoke waterpipe and ordinary cigarettes have different smoking habits. For example, a regular cigarette smoker may smoke 20 cigarettes a day, while a waterpipe smoker may only smoke once a day. Therefore, this comprehensive study cannot conclude that smoking waterpipe is more harmful than smoking cigarettes. But this research can at least remind waterpipe smokers that waterpipes contain more harmful substances than they thought.
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