Is smoking hookah addictive?

by:WOYU     2020-04-24

As for the question of whether you are addicted, it should be in terms of how to cause addiction. The biggest reason for smoking addiction is because of its The nicotine contained in can be said to be an addictive agent. 

Because tobacco contains nicotine, people who like to smoke easily cannot quit Off. It is easy to quit a bad habit, but it is difficult to quit a habitual addiction caused by external factors. The shredded tobacco of the hookah is Contains tobacco, fruit, honey, etc., so it also contains nicotine, which can also be addictive. But due to its small content, and Filtered by water while smoking, so that the degree of harm (addiction) to people is very small. Because of this, we are introducing shredded tobacco to our customers During, customers are allowed to taste the shredded tobacco. Since it contains fruit meat and honey, they are all edible                                

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