Interpreting Hookah

by:WOYU     2020-02-14
The principle of 'Hookah' also known as SHISHA and Chinese hookah is the same, but the tobacco used is different. The hookah uses fruit smoke. Its main ingredients are fruits and honey, etc. Developed. So it contains less harmful substances. It is in line with the fashion of people's pursuit of health. Today is a green world, and only health is the trend of people's pursuit. The hookah allows smokers to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes. harm. The advantage of hookah is that it has water filtration. This water can make the smoke filter again. Smoking hookah pays more attention to his water usage ... water can be added to ice water. Or milk, red wine ... etc. It is used for customers' tastes ... This kind of comfortable feeling is very uncomfortable General. For those who like smoking, it is a supreme enjoyment, that is the world of smoking, different hookah, different smoking methods. Different usage, different enjoyment. At present, it has gradually prospered in major cities. Saunas, bars, cafes, hotels, smoke halls, billiards cities ... various leisure places have developed. Its prospects are very promising. Hookah now It blew across the corner like a whirlwind. Green hookah, fashionable hookah. Advocating green and promoting health. The emergence of hookah can reduce the great harm of smoking-nicotine. Fruit made of tobacco. What gives you-the fragrance of the fruit world. And romantic Arab hookah .
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