Inscription on the hookah

by:WOYU     2020-02-15
The hookah of the hookah has always been an important part of the craftsmen's performance skills and inspiration. Not only are the techniques diverse, carved, carved, and cut, but also the design concept is unique. The characters, landscapes, animals, poems depicted on the hook The text and so on are all fascinating. The inscription on the cigarette holder not only beautifies the hookah, but also adds a lot of culture to this ordinary smoking set. This is also an important reason why literati, writers, and artisans who have nobles in love for hundreds of years. In this small world, craftsmen use Cao Xingkai's various fonts to write moods or express a feeling of life. Through the deep or light words carved on the cigarette holder, we are introduced into a poetic world. Most of the poems for hookahs in poems are poetry and painting, and the connotation of the poem is explained through the picture on the other side of the cigarette holder. The combination of poetry and painting is based on poetry and supplemented by painting. As shown in Figure 1, the hookah is engraved with the poem 'The Old Man Said Huang Helou, and the fireworks went to Yizhou in March (through 'Yangzhou'). The lone sail is far from the sky, but the Yangtze River skyline flows . The cold rain and the night of the river entered Wu, and Pingming sent guests to Chushan Lonely. If relatives and friends in Luoyang asked each other, a heart of ice was in the jade pot. ' This form of combining multiple poems is common in the inscriptions of hookahs, which combines Li Bai's 'The Yellow Crane Tower to Meng Haoran's Guangling' and Wang Changling's 'The Furong Tower to Send Xinjian'. Both poems are farewell poems. Seeing this pot, it seems that you can feel a sense of resentment among friends. On the other side of the Yantuo, a picture of friends walking in the mountains was drawn. It seems that the two still have endless words, which deepens the reluctant emotion and should be in harmony with this pot of poetry. In addition to expressing feelings, many inscribed poems on the hookah holder are also a portrayal of life. As shown in the hookah in Figure 2, the cigarette holder is engraved with a section from 'The Old Chamber': 'Mountains are not high, but they are named by immortals. When water is not deep, they are spirited by dragons. Si is a bad room, but I am dear. The moss marks are green, and the grass color is green. There is a great Confucianism in jokes, and there is no white dice. You can tune the harp. 'This kind of life with three or five friends singing about the forest is probably what most literati aspire, and write it On the cigarette holder, people's thoughts can be led to the peach blossom source thousands of miles away. On the other side of the cigarette holder is an indoor Bogu picture, in which there are two flowerpots in full bloom, a book holder and an incense burner, and an elegant book fragrance lingers in it. Through this picture, it shows a leisurely and quiet life mentality, and it is also an expression of indifferent fame and fortune. On a hookah in China, the side of the cigarette holder was engraved with the words 'unable to live without bamboo, and bamboo without people is vulgar. There were seven wise men in the past. The CCP supported them. Take it to the next level. After the fresh rain in the empty mountains, the weather will be late in autumn, and the bright moon and pines will shine, and the clear spring will be high. The bamboo noise will return to the raccoon girl, and the lotus will move down the fishing boat. This small hookah has gathered so many verses, which makes one have to admire the superb skills of the craftsman. This piece of poetry seems to be mixed, but it actually shows a feeling of transcendence and cleanliness. On the other side of the cigarette holder is a scene of fishing by two Matsushita boys, and an old man watching with a cane behind him is in harmony with the leisurely feeling of the poem. I can say that the inscription on the cigarette holder not only adds to the taste of the hookah, but also enhances the taste of the hookah. It can be seen that the hookah that is practical and enjoyable is not only a smoking utensil in daily life, but also a rare thing to play in leisure.
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