Inner beauty is real beauty! Appreciation of foreign

by:WOYU     2020-02-20
A few days ago, we introduced the door design of foreign tobacco shops. Today, we walked into a few foreign tobacco shops to see how they attract customers and improve their consumer experience through internal store design. ????This tobacco shop in San Diego, USA, specializes in hookahs that are loved by Arabs. In order to highlight the charm of the hookah made of glass, this store boldly uses a colored ceiling. Under the mapping of the lights, the hookah is colorful. After displaying the hookah shelves, horizontal lines are used, and the hookahs are like notes on a staff. ????This tobacco shop in Andorra directly moved the cigar rolling station into the shop. The female cigar worker buried her head and rolled the cigar, as if she was playing a piece of music on the piano. The large brick wall in the cigar storage room is bright and bright, giving a sense of stability and comfort. And the embellishment of several suitcases gives people a sense of wandering. The contrast between the two feelings adds a lot of charm to the store. ????The shelves of this British e-cigarette store use lighting to create a gradient candy color. This design not only categorizes products through huge hanging tags, but also creates a relaxed, warm and pleasant consumption environment for consumers. ????This Davidoff cigar flagship store is located in Basel, Switzerland. The cigars are neatly arranged in the earthy glass cabinets, and the golden cigar leaves are hung high in the middle of the room. From tobacco leaves growing in the field to cigars lying quietly in the box, this shop presents the source and result of the product to consumers, and the middle one is left to consumers to imagine. ????The tobacco shop, called 'X-Treme', is located in Central Street, Janesville, Wisconsin, USA. The walls are light blue decorated with tapestries, the floor is gray, and separated by red lines. The store uses three different display modes: shelves, containers, and stacking heads. The levels are clear and the space is large, which is convenient for consumers to stroll. ????This tobacco shop on Alvarado Street, Monterrey, Canada, at first glance, thought it was a bar. Green walls, high stools, large bar counters, ashtrays ... This shop not only sells tobacco, it also facilitates a drink for tobacco customers. ????The North Dakota store's cigarette price tag is very eye-catching, and it has a clear classification, with a larger number of price tags on promotional items. The most important thing is that the stores are classified according to the taste of the taste, which helps consumers quickly find cigarettes that suit their taste. The brand display on the cigarette display shelf tells us how fiercely the American tobacco brands are competing for the shelf space of tobacco retail terminals. ????This store is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, and specializes in homemade cigarette products. Consumers can buy them and roll cigarettes according to their own taste. This store also sells hookah products. In order to highlight its own business content, the store erected a 'civilian' cigarette indoors.
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