How to use a hookah How to use a hookah

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
Hookahs originated in Arabia and are now available in many places in mainland China. Although smoking is harmful to health, hookahs are also very popular. So how to use hookahs is now introduced by the editor of China Cigarette Net. Instructions.

How to use hookah

The hookah was originally an irregular structure, but it was later designed to be used as a kind of cigarette holder. Not only was it used by many people in the past, but it is also used by many friends now. The hookah looks more complicated in design. There are also many details that need to be paid attention to when using it. Now let’s talk about how to use the hookah.

Introduction to Shisha

Before explaining how to use a hookah, let's first understand its introduction. A hookah is a kind of tobacco product that uses a special tool 'water pipe' and filtered water to smoke. It is mainly popular in the Middle East. The tobacco used in it is mixed with honey or various fruits, such as apples, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and even coffee, chewing gum and cola. In the early 21st century, hookah gradually spread to Europe and America, and in the United States , Brazil and other countries became popular.

How to use hookah

The first step: How to use the hookah The first step is to use too much water when using the hookah. This will affect the following steps. The general water level should reach about 1-1 1/2 inches. The bottom of the metal pipe above, just immerse the pipe in water. Place the long stainless steel tube on a glass or crystal base. Make sure it is tightly attached and airtight. There should be a rubber stopper between the glass/crystal base and the metal piece to connect the hookah metal tube above the round tray.

Step 2: Place the metal middle part of the top of the clay bowl, again there should be a plastic guard ring between the metal middle part and the clay bowl. Insert the hose into the metal middle part again with the plastic grommets to ensure that the connection is airtight. This is the second step of how to use the hookah.

The third step: how to use the hookah, the third step is to test your setting is to put your hand hookah on the bowl, and then suck the air tightness through the hose. If everything is normal, you should feel your hand pull and see soaking in the water. If these two things do not happen, then there is a possibility that you must escape from the air somewhere. #p#Subtitle#e#

Step 4: Make sure it is the edge of the horizontal clay bowl, then put some soaked tobacco in the bowl. Make sure that the air flow rate of your tobacco and packaging is not restricted. Do not let the tobacco level reach in the bowl or overflow. Cut out a round or square foil about twice the diameter of a bowl, and place it in a flat, dense bowl to make sure it is flat. Then take a toothpick or sharp object and punch a small hole along the top, the fourth step in how to use a hookah.

Step 5: Make sure your charcoal is provided in the hookah clip. When the charcoal inside is ignited, hold it with the fixture and place it on the top foil. For longer smoke, place the charcoal on the edge of the bowl and work gently Press the charcoal down and suck the mouthpiece used. You should notice that the smoke build up in the base should feel the taste of tobacco in your mouth. It is important to be patient and let the charcoal heat the tobacco. This is the last step in how to use the hookah.
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