How to Clean Your Lungs Even If You Continue to Smoke

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

How to Clean Your Lungs Even Though You Continue to SmokeAside from the brain, your lungs are the most delicate organ in your body. If your lungs are healthy, there are thousands of minute air chambers and passage ways. With each breath you take, oxygen is pulled into the lungs. After entering the lungs,, oxygen is transferred to the red blood cells in exchange for carbon dioxide. When you exhale, this waste carbon dioxide is expelled from your system. This is the process of breathing and it takes place over 17,000 times each day.In order to complete this process, the minute air chambers in your lungs must be kept clear and free of impurities and sediments that may block the minuscule air chambers and hamper the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. In an effort to maintain these tiny air-ways and keep them clear, your lungs contain tons of tiny hair like stalks known as cilia. The cilia clean your lungs by unceasingly sweeping impurities and deposits out of the air ways to clean your lungs and keep them clear.Each time you inhale on a cigarette, noxious substances and chemicals are drawn deep into your lungs. If you just smoke the occassional cigarette, the cilia can easily do their job and clean your lungs. But if you chain smoke, the cilia are not able to efficiently do their job and clean your lungs. Over time, more and more of the tiny cilia are impaired, making the cleaning process almost impossible. Over time, chemicals and residue from cigarettes begin to block the microscopic air chambers.

Due to the fact that there are fewer healthy cilia, they are no longer able to clean your lungs effectively. So your body resorts to an alternative approach in an attempt to clean your lungs; a cough. This smokers cough is your body's method of assisting the cilia to clear your lungs.So, what are your options if have a nasty cough? The solution is simple. You should assisit your body clean your lungs. You can do this by using a simple combination of supplements and vitamins that whisk the toxins out of your lungs and flush them out of your system. This easy technique will clean your lungs 15 - 20 times faster than your body can clean them on its own. If you've been smoking for a while, you really need to Clean Your Lungs Now!

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