How much collectible is a hookah?

by:WOYU     2020-02-08
Hookahs are also known as hookahs, hookahs, hookahs, etc., and are a smoking device that allows smoke to pass from water and re-inhale. In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, hookah was the second smoking method in China after dry tobacco, so hookah was more common in the late Qing Dynasty and the early years of the Republic of China. It can not only be used as a unique practical utensil for viewing sexuality, but also a symbol of identity. At present, the more common hookahs in the collection market are composed of tobacco pipes, straws, water pipes, smoke bins, and hand rests. Some are integrally cast, and some can be split. The material of the hookah is mostly copper, and there are also brass, copper, silver, aluminum, porcelain and other textures, and there are also many gold, silver, jade, and cloisonne utensils. Their shapes are flat, diamond, round, hexagonal, trumpet, etc. The body of the pot is finely crafted, usually using techniques such as shallow intaglio, engraving, relief, deep carving, and silk enamel. The engraved patterns have a wide range of subject matter, mostly based on auspicious festive patterns such as magpie red plum, pine crane extended year, bamboo newspaper peace, and carp jumping dragon gate. The kettle body is connected with a straw shaped like a crane's head, ranging from 20 to 30 cm in height, and inserted with small pendants such as smoking tongs and through needles. Some hookahs used by wealthy people are much more particular. The mouthpiece part is mostly made of jade or jade. The chain between the straw and the hand rest is made of gold and silver. The body of the pot is inlaid with red coral, Precious stones such as agate are used as decoration to set off the dignity of the owner.
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