How does the Arabic hookah taste?

by:WOYU     2020-04-26

The taste of Arabian hookah is very fresh, because it smokes fruit-flavored tobacco, so there is no taste. If there is a taste, it is also fruity. 'Apple' tastes very fragrant and strong when extracted, and it is better to add ice cubes and red wine! 'Strawberry' is not only fragrant, but also spit out a bit of strawberry flavor! 'Mint' sucks very cool, the throat is very cool, and adding some ice cubes is more comfortable! 'Rose' sounds very smooth and light, more suitable for ladies, and emits a light rose fragrance! 'Grape' tastes a bit heavier, and it doesn't look so smooth, but it is suitable for some smokers! 'Original' taste is very heavy, suitable for old smokers! Several flavors of 'Mixed Fruit' are together, and there are several different flavors when it is extracted. It is very smooth and tastes good! The scent of 'lemon and sweet orange' helps to overcome the listless state, improve work efficiency, and eliminate the tension and anxiety generated by the office workers in the depressed atmosphere of the office. 

The refreshing odor of 'mint' can enhance the mind and make people feel comfortable. The scent of 'mixed blueberries and mint' can make students more focused. The aroma of 'coconut' can improve the symptoms of depression and hysterics, relieve tension and calm the liver. The fragrance of 'water peach' makes people optimistic and uplifting, making people feel free and relaxed. The scent of 'licorice' is very beneficial to the modern people who are facing great pressure every day. When you are restless and impetuous, smelling the scent of licorice will make you calm. The aroma of 'rose' can enhance memory and help you to receive external information more strongly. The smell of 'watermelon' has the effect of improving people's resilience and perseverance. The fragrance of 'Litchi and Melon' can enhance the body's ability to cope with complex environments and eliminate the syndromes that cause mental and physical defects. The scent of 'pineapple' has an anger-inhibiting effect and can appropriately relieve tension. The scent of 'apple' can help relieve migraine headaches. A study by scientists at Yale University in the United States has proved that after smelling apple scent, the symptoms of migraine can be significantly reduced or disappeared, and its function is comparable to medical treatment. The main reason is that migraine and smell will affect each other, and the scent of apple can disperse the anxiety of the patient during headache, make the neck and head muscles relax from tension and contraction, and the systolic pressure in blood pressure drops, and some People's diastolic blood pressure will also be reduced accordingly, thus playing an analgesic effect. In addition, often smelling the aroma of coffee and mint cocoa can also lose weight, absolutely effective.                                

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