How about the minimum order quantity for OEM products?
For the minimum order quantity of OEMed products, you can ask our staff who are glad to answer your questions. Considering the raw materials cost, manufacturing cost, and labour input, we have decided the minimum order quantity for OEMed products so that we don't have the risk of losing our cost. For example, in the processing of design, researching, and developing, we invest heavily in the labour input and devote rich resources in those processes. As for the quantity, you can have a discussion with us and it's negotiable.

Over the years, WOYU, backed up by extensive industry experience, has gained a reputation for providing high quality stainless steel shisha. Guangzhou WOYU shisha Co., Ltd's main products include hokkah series.WOYU shishahas always put great importance to quality stability of charcoal burner. The sensational taste produced by this product can last for hours. This product has the unexpected comfort. The materials used are soft and seam-free, which eliminates pressure points and friction against the skin. By using this product, people can enjoy the same enjoyment of smoking without nicotine.

WOYU insists the business purpose of 'First Class Design, First Class Manufacture, First Class Service'. Get more info!
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