How about production process for nargile?
To ensure the performance, consistency, and quality of nargile that is sent to customers, when producing, the raw materials shall go through strict selection procedures; the design and manufacturing stages shall be carefully planned and implemented according to industry standards and customers’ expectation; quality at each link shall be rigorously monitored and inspected. And before delivery, testing and inspecting carefully the quality and safety of the finished products is also required. The production of nargile is not complicated but requires scientific management and attention down to the smallest details to ensure quality and efficiency.
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WOYU wins many praises and recognization in the market. We have engaged in the developing, manufacturing, and marketing of hookah with light for years. The aluminum shisha series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Due to the high-efficiency heat sinks, this product can quickly absorb and then dissipate the heat into the surrounding environment. This product is used to smoke specially made tobacco that comes in different flavors. The product is lightweight, which means it greatly saves transportation cost and brings much convenience for people.
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To embrace sustainable development, we have adopted a series of methods during our manufacturing processes. We try to improve the use of limited energy resources and advance the use of new cutting-edge and stronger materials to enhance our processes.

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