Hookah, flower smoke, tea smoke ... is it smoke?

by:WOYU     2020-02-21
Sometimes we see this in the Arab region: A group of men and women gathered around a kettle-shaped container, each holding a pipe attached to the kettle. With the sound of 'snoring and snoring', they sucked deeply into the tube, and then the thick white mist and fresh fruity taste drifted from the mouth into the air. They are smoking hookah. Hookah has only become popular in recent years, and is also known as Arab hookah. Hookah originated in India and gradually spread to the Arab world, becoming a part of the cultural life of Arabs. So, is hookah smoke? The hookah smoke is produced by baking charcoal and heating fruit tobacco paste. The common fruit tobacco paste in the Arab region is made of 70% dried fruit meat and honey, glycerin plus 30% fresh tobacco leaves, and is accompanied by traditional secret recipes such as musk and borneol. In other words, there is a certain amount of tobacco in the hookah. The flavor of shisha hookah cream is various, with herbs, fruits and mixed flavors. Herbal flavors include cinnamon, rose, fennel, vanilla, cardamom, etc. Fruit flavors include coconut, apple, blueberry, watermelon, lemon, cantaloupe, etc. Mixed flavors include cocktails, coffee, cappuccino, cola, etc., which are loved by everyone . In fact, in real life, there are still many things that make it difficult to tell whether it is a tobacco product, such as flower tobacco or tea smoke. Some people say that flower smoke and tea smoke are made from flowers or tea leaves, and there is no smoke in them. Actually, this needs to be treated differently. If it is identified that tobacco products such as flower tobacco and tea tobacco contain cut tobacco, then they are tobacco products, and the tobacco department can punish sellers based on the sale of illegally produced tobacco monopoly products. If there are only flowers or tea in the product, it is not a tobacco monopoly product, and it is not illegal to sell such products. If the producers of flower tobacco and tea tobacco purchase and use tobacco special machinery, cigarette paper, and filter rods for production or process tobacco tows into filter rods, it is illegal, and the tobacco department can cooperate with police Law enforcement agencies and other law enforcement agencies have investigated the production sites of flower tobacco and tea tobacco, and investigated and punished such illegal activities from the source. Now, do you understand?
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