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Famous Woyu Hooka Shisha Factory

Famous Woyu Hooka Shisha Factory


What is a hookah?

Hookah is a type of water pipe that is used as an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco, also known as shisha. Hookah and shisha creates a light, fruity smoke that is enjoyed by young people around the world. 

The term “hookah” is derived from the Hindustani word “huqqa.” Hookah originated in the Middle East but has since spread around the world as a popular social pastime.

The shisha tobacco that is used with hookah pipes is a blend of fresh, dark tobacco leaves flavored with dried fruits, honey, molasses, or glycerine. It is favorable to some smokers because it contains less nicotine than cigarettes and no tar. 

Shisha is available in a variety of flavors including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, melon, and many others. With so many interesting and exciting flavors and pipes to choose from, paired with the leisurely atmosphere associated with shisha, and it’s no wonder hookah has developed into a social pastime popular among young adults around the world.

Origins of the hookah

The hookah water pipe is believed to have originated in the 15th century in India and Pakistan. The apparatus later spread through immigration and trade and is part of the cultural histories of many areas including Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Middle Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. 

When Roman Catholic missionaries brought Catholicism to India, they also brought tobacco. The water pipe was created by native Indians as a way to consume flavored tobacco, known as shisha, and other natural herbs and organic materials. 

Hookah smoking was first mainly used by the wealthy. It quickly spread through the Ottoman Empire. Sultans posed with their hookah pipes to broadcast wealth, philosophers utilized it to gather and deeply discuss issues, and the upper class smoked shisha as a social past time. Hookah smoking became a status symbol. 

Hookah gained further popularity when the British began exporting glass to India. This surged the production of water pipes, which have a vase usually made of glass. By the 17th century, hookah pipes were commonly seen in coffee shops and restaurants in some countries, putting the herb in the hands of everyday citizens rather than just the wealthy. 

Eventually, hookah became a common social activity for many, some of whom brought the past time with them when they immigrated to other areas of the world.

Modern popularity

Hookah has spread throughout the world through immigration. It has become popular in most Middle Eastern countries and has also gained popularity as a social pastime for young people in Britain, France, Russia, and the United States. 

Hookah, which refers to both the smoking instrument and the activity itself, has evolved into a modern day social pastime popular in many areas around the world. Instead of copper and other metals, modern day hookahs are made of mainly stainless steel and aluminum. They are more durable and pleasing to look at than models of the past. 

The hookah pipe is popular in tobacco and shisha shops worldwide. It is popular with adults around the world who aim to try an “exotic” form of smoking different from the norm, as the hookah pipe itself is unique and interesting to look at. 

Hookah became popular to use for social smoking in the United States in the 1960s and 70s. Now, hookah pipes and accessories are commonly available at American smoke shops. Hookah bars and lounges have opened across the country as the popularity of the activity has increased.   

Popular at home and in specialty hookah bars and lounges, hookah users enjoy its ability to help them sit back, clear their minds, and enjoy each other’s company. Many young adults also crave the atmosphere of hookah bars and lounges. Hookah lounges often have a laid-back, leisurely atmosphere which offers a vastly different experience than traditional western nightclubs. Hookah water pipes can be decorative and ambient, offering mood lighting and an interesting piece of art to converse over. 

Hookah is still very much a cultural norm and tradition in the Middle East. Many coffee shops and cafes in these areas have hookah available and hookah is often present at get togethers or small parties.

How to use a hookah

A hookah is a tall water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco known as shisha. The shisha or herb sits at the top inside a ceramic or glass bowl. The bowl is covered with a filter made of foil or metal and a lit charcoal is placed on top. The charcoal heats the tobacco. When users inhale on the attached hoses, the smoke vapor travels down the pipe into the water vase and up through the hose or multiple hoses.

Most hookah pipes are made of glass but can also be made of ceramics, brass, or other metals. Some can be simply designed while others are decorated intricately. Most hookahs used today are slightly lamp-shaped, tall, and used with either one or multiple hoses.

Components of the hookah

Each hookah has (but is not limited to) the following components:

● Bowl: container that holds the coal and tobacco

● Tray: sits below the bowl to catch and hold coals

● Downstem: rests in the water in the vase

● Release valve: prevents excess smoke from escaping

● Hose gasket: holds hose

● Body: base of the pipe

● Hose port: holds hose

● Hose: slender tube which allows smoke to be drawn through and inhaled

● Vase: holds water which tobacco vapor passes through

Woyu Shisha Factory manufacturing

At Woyu Shisha Factory, we design and manufacture quality hookah pipes and accessories for retailers and wholesalers. Since 2006, we’ve helped customers worldwide develop hookah pipes and accessories for their brands.

Our water pipes come in numerous shapes and are made of many materials for you to choose from to suit your lounge, bar, spa, or store. We design and make shishas and accessories including bowls, tongs, hoses, and charcoal burners, baskets and plates. Each product is available in numerous styles and varieties and can also be designed to specifically meet your needs and fit your brand.

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