Electronic Cigarettes - No Smoke Odor

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

Some people like to enjoy a cigarette when they are having a cocktail. In the old days when you walked into a tavern the smell of tobacco smoke would end up clinging to your hair, clothes, and then sometimes an ash would fall unnoticed resulting in burn holes in what you were wearing.

After a stop to the Electronic Cigarette Store my brother in law resolved this smoke odor problem He purchased E Juice, some refill cartridges, and he became surprising pleased with the results. We met him, and other family members, at the Irish Tavern one afternoon for lunch, which became several hours long. We all enjoyed a few cocktails as well. After about thirty minutes my brother in law pulled out his smokeless cigarette that he purchased at the electronic cigarette store, and lit it up. There was an immediate reaction from everyone at the table. Like many states the laws have changed which banned tobacco use in restaurants, and the waitress who observed my brother in law taking a puff came over to our table rather quickly. He explained that he bought this smoke free cigarette at the electronic cigarette store, and it contained E Juice with no tobacco involved. The waitress being unsure of the situation ducked into the back room and in a few moments the owner came out. The owner walked to the table slowly with a smile, and said: What do you have there? Once again my brother in law explained that he purchased his non-tobacco smoke at the electronic cigarette store, and it contained E Juice making it a smokeless cigarette.

Instead of exhaling a smoke cloud with a traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette produces a vapor cloud. The owner smiled and asked questions about the electronic cigarette store so that he might buy some smokeless cigarettes himself. Satisfied the tavern owner departed, and there began a lot of conversations regarding E Juice around our table.

As our discussions continued several people from nearby tables overheard. Before long they became part of the conversation asking questions about E Juice and smoke-free cigarettes. My comment was that everyone in the tavern could have an electronic cigarette and no one would smell a thing when they walked in the door. I think in the old days it was the morning after the tavern when you get a whiff of the clothes you wore that cigarette smoke was really offensive. With electronic cigarettes that clinging smoke odor never happens.

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