Dubai's Ministry of Health has banned traditional hookah in order to avoid infectious diseases

by:WOYU     2020-01-29
The United Arab Emirates 'flag' reported on the 21st that the Dubai Health Department requires that from October 15, all cafes, restaurants and other places providing hookah should ban the use of traditional hookah pipes, switch to a disposable hookah for only one person. In order to ensure the implementation of the regulations, the Dubai government will organize surprise checks and regular inspections of cafes, restaurants and other places that provide hookah. Regardless of the number of customers who absorb the smoke, as long as there is a traditional hookah pipe, it is handled in violation of regulations. Violators have to pay 5000 dirhams (About 8672 yuan)Fines, double the fine for recidivism. For those who have been 'obsessed' for more than two times, they must not only face high fines, but also be revoked their business licenses. Due to the strict standards, many hookah operators believe that this is a disguised profit of the government. The Dubai government said that the use of disposable hookah is to avoid infectious diseases; The announcement of the regulations several days in advance is to allow the merchants to have sufficient time to prepare. Smoking traditional hookah is a favorite leisure way for Arabs. The unique fragrance of hookah has even won the favor of many women. When smoking traditional hookah, people sit around the hookah, one pipe taking turns, one person. In order to ensure hygiene as much as possible, some high-end restaurants also provide services for changing hookah pipes. Customers can bring their own utensils or choose to let the merchant change the pipe. However, this improved method is still a minority, and most people still maintain the traditional way of absorbing smoke.
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