Do we fully understand hookah?

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
How much nicotine is delivered for hookahs? Do we need more evidence to combat hookah on a global scale?
These issues have been discussed in tobacco control circles for some time.

Waterpipe (also known as shisha, goza or hubbly bubbly) as a nicotine delivery route has not been fully studied. Current research has lifted part of the veil of waterpipes-and cigarette labels. Waterpipes are not a 'light' way of smoking. The water used in waterpipes cannot filter out any harmful substances in the smoke.

Assess the hazard
Determining the nicotine content of waterpipe smoking is a challenge facing tobacco control investigators. The difficulty of the assessment is that the amount of nicotine delivered by the waterpipe corresponds to the type and amount of tobacco used to prepare a waterpipe and the duration of smoking a waterpipe.

Recently, several studies have standardized these variables to assess the harm of waterpipe smoking against cigarettes. The results showed that the nicotine content of water pipes is related to the duration, frequency and depth of inhalation of each cigarette. The nicotine delivery of tobacco is comparable. Therefore, we can trigger the following: Both smoking methods can cause dependence.

Perhaps the most amazing fact is that, in proportion to cigarettes, waterpipe causes higher plasma levels of carboxyhemoglobin and causes a 50-fold increase in the amount of smoke inhaled, which may be related to more diseases and deaths.

Measurement use
The challenge of assessing the hazards of waterpipe and the out-of-range assessment of the biochemical process-monitoring the use of waterpipe is also difficult, because many waterpipe smokers do not consider themselves to be smokers. On the contrary, they think that they are simply participating in 'social smoking'.

Compared with smoking cigarettes, hookah smoking does seem more like a social activity-groups of people smoking hookah in a particular cafe are very serious, and smokers can share hookah holders. Cigarette has a unique and comfortable fragrance, which makes smokers even think that waterpipe is less harmful than cigarettes.

In the end, this encourages smokers to smoke more waterpipes-until they eventually become smokers with one cigarette per day. In fact, social characteristics increase hookah addiction.

Waterpipe may be more harmful than cigarettes, and it is more addictive, but some people pay insufficient attention to it, and people think that it is not a very deadly route of nicotine delivery. As an ever-growing network, World Bridge is in a superior position to deal with this emerging epidemic by sharing best practices and treatment projects specifically for waterpipe use.
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