Crafts in Smoking Sets: Hookah

by:WOYU     2020-02-16
Arab hookah originated in India and originated in the Middle East. It spread to Europe and the United States with Islam, and was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty. When talking about hookah, I have to mention hookah. When the hookah was first invented, its container was quite simple. It could be just a coconut shell or an empty bamboo tube. Its function is to put shredded tobacco. As the history wheel rolls forward, the shape of the hookah is also becoming more and more beautiful. Its role is not only a smoking set, but also a beautiful handicraft. Colorful hookahs include glass vases, crystal vases, agate vases, etc. The vases are inlaid with precious materials such as gold or silver or coral, and carved with various exotic patterns. The hookahs of various colors put together can be described as assorted, as if telling an Arab story. The hookah adds traditional secret recipes based mainly on tobacco leaves, musk, and borneol. It is accompanied by apple, strawberry, cantaloupe, lemon, mint, banana, peach, litchi and other flavored fruit tobacco. , Like birds crying and phoenixing, arousing infinite reveries. The Arab hookah has been sublimated from a smoking set into a culture, which entrusts the Arabs' love for life and the pursuit of ideals.
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