Collection of new favorites: hookah

by:WOYU     2020-02-02
The traditional Chinese painting 'The old man who smokes dry smoke' depicts the old people who smoke dry smoke leisurely in the countryside after liberation. Today, the popular dry smoke in the past has become a hobby for people who collect smoke pots and pipes. Among them, the hookah that has been shining in recent years has won the favor of many collectors. This kind of 'smoking tool' originated in India and developed in the Middle East is deeply loved by collectors for its unique and beautiful colors. The hookah formed by the smoke Bowl, the pipe, the cigarette bottle, the cigarette tray, the air conditioning hole and other parts is usually about half a meter high and is long. In terms of use, hookah is different from other tobacco products, but uses the waste heat after coal burning to raise the smoke. When the reporter watched the waiter demonstrate the hookah smoking in the Sanlitun bar in Beijing, he saw that the burning charcoal fire was placed on the tobacco to help the tobacco burn. The smoke released by the burning tobacco was filtered by water, it can be sucked through a straw. In Beijing's Houhai and Sanlitun, you can see hookah devices in any bar, and many consumers who do not smoke will try it out of curiosity. Compared with the simple hookah device used for 'enjoyment', the hookah sold in many stores is a work of art. In the Aegean Shopping Mall in Chaoyang district, the Turkish tourism bureau has brought artistic hookah to Chinese consumers in its specially set hookah exhibition area. The hookah with Middle East characteristics is definitely the best choice for collectors. Or bright violet, or enthusiastic flamenco red, with clay or marble as raw materials, through the craftsman's careful creation, to make a symmetrical smoke bowl, again in forming of smoke bowl on the outline the full exotic of pattern smoke bowl as if it become the the One Thousand and One Night of in Aladdin of lamp and shining. In addition to bright colors such as violets, bright red, and sky blue, the artisans also worked hard on the pipe. Usually a transparent or black pipe is made into a pink or yellow color. The clear sky blue smoke bowl is matched with a delicate light powder pipe. The unique visual impact is believed to confuse many consumers. One by one, the colorful hookah 'arranged' in an orderly way. For a while, the color of red, yellow and purple made people sigh with emotion about the ingenuity of the craftsmen and the infinite tolerance of nature. If you are willing to try such a gorgeous hookah, the 'trial area' set next to it must not be missed. However, the high price still makes many people discouraged. If you feel that the hookah device in the physical store is higher than your shopping and collection budget, then the various hookah sold online can meet your needs. In large shopping websites such as Taobao and Amazon, there are more than 10,000 hookah-related products. Compared with the gorgeous and artistic hookah in the physical store, the hookah device sold online is smaller and more exquisite. Some hookah can be held with one hand and is extremely convenient to carry. The mix and match of colors is also a highlight of online hookah. Zebra print, leopard print, Stars and Stripes, and psychedelic smoke-like lines make hookah closer to ordinary consumers. Of course, some maverick hookah devices have also attracted the attention of many people. Machine gun shape, silver metal texture hookah has won the praise of buyers, 'cool', 'Tide', 'personality' and other words are the center of consumer evaluation. There are also pink and black contrast patterns specially designed for female collectors, with tropical flavors such as mango, pineapple and strawberry, sweet and bright. Although many businesses promote that smoking hookah is a healthy pastime, the World Health Organization still believes that 'smoking hookah is harmful to health '. Therefore, in the low-carbon and healthy present, it is a good change to turn the habit of smoking into a hobby of collecting and collecting cigarettes.
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