Can the hookah be played like this? Coke orange juice can also swallow clouds and spit fog!

by:WOYU     2020-01-31
When you were young, were you always curious about the instruments in the hands of your neighbor's grandfathers and grandmothers that could make a 'gurgling' sound, and many people had tried it secretly, the astringent, spicy and sour taste is really impressive. But when I grow up, I begin to understand it and know it. A Hundred Years of History · hookah hookah is a traditional appliance with a hundred years of history. You may as well learn about it together: the Hookah originated from ancient Persia, was introduced to Eastern Europe in the late 16th century, and was introduced to China via the Silk Road, popular in the late Ming Dynasty, it prevailed in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The hookah, also known as the hookah and the hookah, is a traditional Chinese smoking device that allows smoke to pass through the water and then suck it into the mouth. Smoking with a hookah, the smoke passes through the water, which can not only filter some impurities in the smoke, but also reduce the fire, and the smoke is more mellow. In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, hookah was the second only smoking method in China, so hookah was more common in the late Qing Dynasty and the early years of the Republic of China. Smokers go to the court, the officials, the literati, the literati, and the merchants. Lu Yao's 'smoke spectrum' published in the middle of Qianlong mentioned the situation of water-containing smoking: 'The water is in the mouth first, so the smoke is strong and not poisonous . . . . . . Or put water in the tin jar, and insert another tube into the jar, with a tube like a crane head beside it, so that the smoke passes through the water, and the Fujian people first contain cold water. 'It is also recorded in the' petal incense record ':' use a water pipe bag to suck it, and the smoke passes through the water. Its shape is crane-shaped, pictographic, gourd-shaped, etc. From the text, it can be seen that in the Qing Dynasty, the use of hookah is quite popular, and the shape of the device is also constantly enriched. The hookah is spread throughout urban and rural areas, and almost every household has several hookah. In addition to their own use, relatives and friends visit, smoking hookah has become a way to entertain guests. Some shops are also used to putting down a few hookah, let customers smoke a few bags of hookah, and then talk about business. However, with the development of the times, fewer and fewer people use traditional hookah. Nowadays, they have been updated and upgraded to a hookah suitable for modern people. How can the majority of smokers find other fun in the cloud? The following new snuff bottle is very powerful. Its three smoking methods can be said to open the door to a new world for smokers ~ Baiwei fan upgraded hookah today's hookah will be equipped with a resin mouthpiece, a long hose, an integrated smoke Pan and filter. The addition of these three new trend smoking methods makes the whole smoking experience more interesting and pleasant. In the white smoke, you gradually feel the charm of the 100-year-old hookah, close your eyes and listen to this intriguing historical story. What is most worth mentioning is that it can effectively reduce the dryness of the throat, filter out the tar in the cut tobacco, and greatly reduce the damage of tar and nicotine to the human body. Three new smoking methods: ① The first one: directly insert traditional cigarettes into the tobacco pot, add clear water or other liquids such as beverages you like to the tobacco pot, and ignite the cigarettes with open flame, the mouth gently holds the mouthpiece of the cigarette holder and you can enjoy the fun of smoking hookah. Emphasize the uniqueness of this hookah, that is, in addition to adding clear water to the hookah, you can also add your favorite liquids such as cola, milk, orange juice, etc. Of course, corrosive and dangerous liquids are not allowed. (2) The second type: the traditional cigarette is inserted into the smoke pot, and the growth hose can be replaced at the mouthpiece. Long-distance smoking can make the smoking process more leisurely without deliberately stretching your head close to the smoke pot, smoking while standing, lying or doing other things is very convenient. (3) The third type: Some people like to light the cut tobacco for smoking. The smoke pot designed by the considerate smoke pot designer will come in handy at this time: put the cut tobacco into the smoke pot, after igniting with open flame, you can smoke hookah with cigarette holder or long hose to experience the old 'pipe type tobacco' smoking method. After inserting the tobacco into the tobacco pot, insert it back into the tobacco pot, ignite the tobacco in the tobacco pot, one flower and One World, one tree and one Bodhi, one thought and one clean, one pot and one life to tell the truth, this smoking pot is not only fun and interesting, but also beneficial to health. It is really an excellent smoking set for fashion men and women smokers.
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