Can hookah cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

by:WOYU     2020-02-10
Carbon monoxide poisoning is prone to occur when burning coal or honeycomb coal, especially if the ventilation effect is poor. Let's see if hookah can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. First of all: hookah charcoal will not, but hookah charcoal will produce a small amount of smoke, that smoke is not good for the human body. Second: Carbon monoxide poisoning is the product of incomplete combustion of carbonaceous substances, which is caused by inhalation through the respiratory tract. The poisoning mechanism is that the affinity of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin is 200-300 times higher than the affinity of oxygen and hemoglobin, so carbon monoxide can easily combine with hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin, which causes hemoglobin to lose its ability and function to carry oxygen, causing tissue suffocation. It has toxic effects on tissue cells of the whole body, especially the cerebral cortex. Finally: It should be widely publicized that there should be safety settings (such as chimneys, small ventilation windows, wind buckets, etc.) when using coal fires indoors, explaining the possible symptoms of gas poisoning and common sense of first aid, especially the harm and severity of gas to small infants. Coal stove chimneys should be installed reasonably. Coal stoves without chimneys should be placed outdoors at night. Carbon monoxide poisoning is more likely to occur in rural areas. When the weather is cold, charcoal is needed for heating. Ventilation measures should be taken to prevent poisoning.
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