Burmese young people smoke hookah

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
Even when more and more people are aware of the dangers of smoking-when health warnings are printed on almost every pack of cigarettes, it is difficult for people to miss the attention to the dangers of smoking-fashionable youth in Myanmar A new social vice among people is smoking Shisha.
   Shisha smoke is a kind of hookah pipe, also known as hookah. It has a tube, through a flexible hose, smoking the tobacco contained in this tube, and the smoke is filtered through a water cavity. Shisha tobacco is often added with fruity spices to give off a pleasant taste, rather than the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke.
   Perhaps for this reason, the popularity of hookah smoking is increasing, especially among young women.
  Although no research has been conducted on young people’s waterpipe smoking in Myanmar, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in June this year that waterpipe smoking has generally increased in the world. Part of the reason may be that the waterpipe industry marketed itself as a better alternative to cigarettes.
   However, in Yangon, hookah smoking is also regarded as a status symbol.
   28-year-old Ko Aung Zin Latt said: “Shisha tobacco is not always available, and the price is very high-these prices are higher than the price I bought a pack of cigarettes.”
   'We must go out to a restaurant or bar to smoke, that's fashionable.'
   But Christoph Gelsdorf, a local doctor in Myanmar, said that although there is a perception among young people that smoking waterpipe is safer than smoking cigarettes, research conducted by the health industry so far has put forward different views.
   A report written by the World Health Organization stated that smoking waterpipe releases as much nicotine into the bloodstream as smoking cigarettes. Because of this way of smoking―through water pipe smoking―people who smoke hookah may absorb a higher amount of toxins than those who only smoke cigarettes.
Dr. Gelsdorf said: 'Furthermore, a study comparing cigarette and waterpipe smokers conducted earlier this year found that waterpipe smokers have higher levels of toxins that cause red blood cell damage, and may actually Some aspects are more dangerous.'
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