British American Tobacco

by:WOYU     2020-09-22

Nowadays, cigarettes have an important role for people. Due to the development of the new technology people tend to communicate much less. Therefore, cigarettes have the role of the social glue that helps people to improve their communication. Currently, many anti-smoking campaigns are initiated by the governments of great amount of countries and tobacco companies lose their market, nevertheless new persons start to smoke, when others quit. Tobacco companies try to manufacture different brands and blends, these companies also try to offer cheap cigarettes as not everybody is ready to pay a fortune for the pack of cigarettes.

One of the famous tobacco companies, known in many countries is British American Tobacco. This company is unique as it was founded on two continents - by Great Britain and United States. Distinctive logo of the company is 'Born Internationally' pointing on the company's origin. British American Tobacco has been founded in 1902 by the UK's Imperial Tobacco Company and American Tobacco Company of the United States. This union finished the war between these tobacco companies.

According to the agreement both companies agreed not to trade on each other's territory. Instead, they decided to supply their cigarettes to and gain leadership in such countries as Canada, Africa, Germany, Japan and many others. Of course both tobacco companies also agree to use each other's brands on their territory.

Marvelous advertising genius James 'Buck' Duke became the head of the united company. He has developed a lot of tactics on winning the customers in the major cigarettes smoking countries. James 'Buck' Duke invited great workers, used qualitative tobacco and reduced the price of the cigarettes. From 1904 to 1910 company considerably expanded to such countries as Malaysia, Netherlands, India and Egypt. That was a period of enormous growth and by 1911 this company manufactured over 10 billion of cigarettes.

In 1911 British part of the company bought the major share of its American half. With the flow of time British American Tobacco continued to expand their business and began to sell cigarettes in such counties as Brazil and Argentina. Company bought the bigger share of the local tobacco manufacturer and nowadays, Brazil has one of the biggest subsidiary branches of the BAT in the world.

Launch of World War in 1914 considerably boosted and changed the manufacture of the cigarettes. Cigarettes were required in enormous amount and company constantly worked to satisfy the demand. A lot of men went to war, but this did not stop the manufacturing. Great amount of women workers were hired to replace men. During war company was selling about 25 billion cigarettes per year.

Because of the permanent expansion, company won the market in Mexico, Latin America and Chili and by its 25th anniversary it had 120 subsidiary branches and over 75 thousand workers around the world. In 1927 this tobacco company finally began to sell its cigarettes on the United States market, but the economic crisis that happened 1929 slowed the expansion.

One of the distinctive tobacco products that British American Tobacco manufactures is certainly snus. Smokeless tobacco packed in tiny satchels is placed under the lip. Cigarettes are known to cause damage to lungs, but snus doesn't have damaging influence and is good for people, who want to stop smoking, but are not ready not quit nicotine consumption at the moment. This tobacco company manufactures such cigarette brands as Rothmans, Pall Mall, Viceroy and many other types of cigarettes, which vary in flavor, tobacco blends and certainly price. But no matter what cigarettes company manufactures, all of the cigarettes are qualitative and affordable.

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