Are we informed about modern hookah weight and volume after shipment?
You can always contact us for an actual specification of the volume and weight of your shipment. As a professional company, we will calculate both volume and weight so that you can know the exact information about the goods and package. It is known that cargo weight and volume of hookah play important parts in determining the shipping costs before shipment, so we will take full consideration into the packing materials, saving the cost and ensuring the cargo's safety.

WOYU, a renowned manufacturer of small charcoal burner, has enjoyed a good reputation for its expertise in designing and manufacturing. Guangzhou WOYU shisha Co., Ltd's main products include coal tong series. The outline of hookah accessories deserves same attention as material in WOYU. With obvious competition capacity, the product has a bright development prospect. The sensational taste produced by this product can last for hours.

WOYU's mission is to provide high-value products and services on global scale. Ask!
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