Are Arabic glass hookahs harmful?

by:WOYU     2020-09-21
Is Arabic glass hookah popular all over the world now? This is also the most concerned issue for friends who want to be a wholesale agent to join Arabian Shisha, because it is related to our future sales.
It cannot be said that the hookah is very popular in the world, it should be said that it is a regional smoking habit (the Middle East and Arab regions and the surrounding areas); just as the Chinese originally liked smoking tobacco leaves and now like cigarettes, Europeans like smoking pipes and cigars. Waterpipe is a problem of regional/regional usage habits.
Of course, the habit of using this area can be popular. Pipes and cigars are not currently popular in China. Of course, the sense of quality is an important reason for being popular. Fresh tobacco smoking habits can also attract many smokers. Eyeballs. The Arabian waterpipe advocates a casual and relaxing mood of smoking, and there will be a certain amount of space in this unopened market in China. But this requires the guidance of the market and allows consumers to understand the differences and advantages. Hookah was originally originated in India 800 years ago. At the beginning, Hookah was made of coconut shells and diabolo pipes, and was mainly used to smoke old black tobacco.

As the development became popular in Persia, hookah was once regarded as the 'dancing princess and snake' in the Middle East and especially in Turkey and Iran during the Ultraman Empire, and gradually spread to the Arab world (500 years ago History), was carried forward by the Arabs and became a common way of smoking tobacco among the people. Many people have their own special hookahs in different places, and some innovations and corrections have also appeared in their shapes, which make the service life of hookahs longer (consisting of glass bottles + metal pipes) and closer to contemporary people's Aesthetic. More novel forms were introduced in the styling. Some representative symbols, such as cranes, fish, patterns of various styles, etc., appear to have more ornamental and collection value, and some new modern styles have also emerged ( On our website, you can see pictures of hookahs in different shapes and specifications; the new shape pictures are uploading).

At the same time, shredded waterpipe tobacco has also changed from the original black tobacco (smooth punch, wash it several times before use to ease the smoke) to the more popular fruit shredded tobacco now. Fruit tobacco is made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit meat, honey, etc., with traditional secret recipes such as musk and borneol. It has many functions such as promoting qi, invigorating the collaterals, rejuvenating the brain, invigorating the spleen and calming the nerves, promoting the lungs and reducing phlegm, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, and clearing away heat and detoxification. .

The tar content of waterpipe tobacco introduced by this shop is 0 (generally cigarette tar content is 0.5-1.5g, smoke tar makes the lungs shadow, carcinogenic component), and water pipe nicotine content is 0.05mg (general cigarette 1.5-3.5mg , Nicotine is addictive, it can be seen that the harm of water pipes is much smaller than that of cigarettes). At the same time, the water is filtered during smoking, which will reduce the harm of smoke to a greater extent. This is beyond the reach of ordinary cigarettes, which is why waterpipes can be developed. At the same time, under the research of modern personnel, the flavors of shredded hookah are also richer: apple flavor, strawberry flavor, banana flavor, apricot flavor, grape flavor, pineapple flavor, peach and melon flavor, mint and milk coffee flavor, cappuccino Wait. Of course, you can mix a variety of flavors according to personal preference.
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