Arabian hookah

by:WOYU     2020-01-28
The cut tobacco is fruit, and the juice cocktail is added to the pot. An Arab novelist described the scene of hookah: 'In the mist, the smoke is drunk, and the classic time is like a backflow, back to the distant past. 'Arab Hookah originated in India 800 years ago. It consists of coconut shells and diabolo tubes and is mainly used to smoke old-fashioned black tobacco. Later, it became popular in Persia. In the Middle East, especially in Turkey and Iran during the Ottoman Empire, hookah was once regarded as 'dancing princesses and snakes '; Later, it gradually spread to the Arab world (It has a history of 500 years) It has been carried forward by the Arabs and has become a common way for the people to smoke tobacco. With the development of Arabian hookah, there have been some innovations and amendments in its modeling, which are made up of glass bottles and metal tubes, and are closer to the aesthetics of contemporary people. Water cut tobacco also consists of the original black tobacco ( Smoke is strong, it takes several times to wash before use to ease the smoke)It has become a popular fruit tobacco now. The flavors of water cut tobacco include apple flavor, strawberry flavor, banana flavor, apricot flavor, grape flavor, pineapple flavor, peach and melon mixed flavor, mint and milk coffee mixed flavor, cappuccino, etc. You can also mix a variety of flavors according to your personal preferences. You can also add some apple juice, sour cherry juice, grape juice, orange juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice or rose oil, and even wine to the water of the hookah, this 'cocktail blending method' can make the smoke taste stronger and the smell fragrant. An Arab novelist described the scene of smoking hookah and said: 'In the mist, the water is fascinated by the smoke, the classic time is back, back to the distant past. 'The Nobel Prize in literature, the Egyptian writer Najib mahafudz (Naguib Mahfouz) The inspiration for his creation is said to come from the cafes and water smoke halls he frequents.
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