Arab hookah use, maintenance, skills

by:WOYU     2020-01-26
First, the use of the Arab hookah: 1, first fill the bottle with water to 2/3, flooding the filter copper tube, the water level is not too high; ( People often put some ice cubes and lemon slices in the cigarette bottle, which makes the smoke smoother and fresher; Or add juice or whisky to the water bottle, or use milk to dress up the cigarette will be very fragrant ~ What flavor do you like, you decide! ) 2. Screw a filter copper tube on the bottom of the cigarette holder and insert it into the water bottle to tighten (Seal) 3. Remove the white or transparent rubber ring from the top of the gun, then put on the gray plate, then put back the white rubber ring, and then put into the ceramic smoke head; Installed hookah effect 4. Then open the fruit material ( Open after with hermetically sealed or storage bags seal place a cool dry) , Using carbon clips to take fruit into a ceramic smoke bowl, clamping method ( According to your own usage, the first trial is recommended to take a small amount, cover the venting hole in the smoke bowl, so as not to waste, up to the ceramic smoke bowl, do not squeeze, affect the circulation. The fruit flavor has double apple flavor, strawberry flavor, etc); Put the smoke into the ceramic smoke Bowl 5, then the tin foil wraps the entire ceramic seat with the smoke (Keep sealed) , Put a small hole in one end of the toothpick or carbon clip on the tin foil ( It is best to tie the hole diameter to the size of the whole carbon, so that the sealing effect is better)6. Carbon clip a grain of carbon, use a lighter to burn the red charcoal point carbon method to avoid headache and poisoning, please use non-toxic, smokeless, tasteless Special Wood Carbon, be sure to burn red ,)Put it on the tinfoil hole (Carbon should not be in direct contact with fruit); After ignition, it can be placed on tin foil. Note: At this time, the black part of the carbon is not burned. You can use the straw to start inhaling and spit out, which can accelerate the carbon to burn through, but do not inhale into the lungs at this time! 7. Insert the hookah hose into the socket of the gun (Keep sealed) The overall effect of the installation can be heard by taking a sip! Second, maintenance recommendations: it is strongly recommended that you clean after each use of hookah, and change the water once every time you smoke, to ensure clean and pure taste; Especially when you change the different flavors of fruit, so as not to leave other tastes in the hookah, affecting the taste; Clean the chimney and water bottle with a special cleaning brush; The hose cannot be cleaned, but after each use, it is blown into the bottle to clean the debris in the hose. Third, practical skills: 1, the smoke should not be too full, to reach the pot; Before the release, the tobacco material should be loosened and crushed by hand, so that the tobacco material is looser in the tobacco pot; 2. When burning carbon, it is necessary to burn the carbon completely before the carbon can be placed on the tinfoil. If there is some broken carbon, the burning time of the smoke can be prolonged. At the same time, after the assembly, the smoke pot can be surrounded by tin foil around the smoke pot to play the role of wind. This can prolong the burning time of carbon. 3. There are many things that can be extended in the playing method of the hookah, such as the fruit-flavored cigarette material on the top, and the milk, cola, whisky, etc. can be filled in the water bottle below to replace the previous water, in that way, it will be the taste of' fruit, liquid with different flavors'. We will take care of this bird tail wine blending method and the whole set of hookah components: smoke gun rod, bottle, charcoal dish, ceramic smoke head, carbon clip, filter tube, hookah tube
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