Arab hookah is the heir to culture

by:WOYU     2020-04-21
We understand that Arabic hookah is very popular now, and many people do not know the beauty of it. So what is the magic of Arabic hookah? Smoking hookah is not only a taste enjoyment, but also the kind of life it gives people. Smoking Arabic hookah can feel the natural taste of nature, maybe cherries, strawberries, oranges, coffee, apples, peaches, no matter what kind, it is a soothing process to release the heart, and it is also a kind of aromatic natural therapy . Friends who don't know how to smoke hookah can refer to the tutorial 'How to smoke hookah and how to use hookah video tutorial'. The large size of the hookah has exercised the vital capacity of many Arabs. From the medical scientific point of view, a person's health status is related to the vital capacity, whether a person's vigorous energy is related to the vital capacity, and the vital capacity is a measure of a person's physical condition. One of the important signs. For people with small vital capacity, doctors will suggest some methods: sing loudly or learn musical instruments to play flute, harmonica, flute, suona, etc. Also blowing bubbles, blowing balloons, etc. can also exercise vital capacity. The large size of the hookah, the long straw, and the lack of vital capacity make it difficult to smoke the hookah smoothly. It is said that Arab men are in good health, with good complexion and longevity. It must be related to the daily habits and diet of Arab countries. The Quran clearly teaches Arabs how to protect and cherish their bodies. It has become a legal requirement. Arabs are not allowed to drink alcohol, take drugs, or eat undecided animal carcasses. Smart Arabs are harmful to the body 鈥檚 tobacco After improved processing, adding 70% of natural fruit syrup and a variety of valuable Chinese medicine, the tobacco is more flavorful. People who have smoked cigarettes generally know that if they smoke too much cigarettes, they will feel dry and dry, while the Arabic hookah smokes water vapor, and the throat will not feel hot and dry. Taking Arab hookah is a kind of magic hookah, it is also a fashionable enjoyment. The Chinese drink tea and drink tea culture, with the 'tea house' written by Mr. Lao She. The Egyptians smoked hookah, and also smoked their own taste. The hookah culture is in Egypt. The legacy of the old days is very heavy. The Nobel Prize winner and famous Egyptian writer Najib Mahafoz describes the hookah hall in Egypt in many of his novels. In Egypt, the hookah industry seems to be stronger than other industries. Thousands of hookahs and cafes all over the streets and streets of Cairo, where people are sitting. When night falls, the hookah hall becomes a lively place. People came to the hookah hall, some sat around the coffee table, some sat on the pier, some simply sat on the carpet floor. The waiter brought the Arabic hookah, and then brought coffee or other drinks, and the smoke in the shisha hall suddenly filled with smoke. Most of the people who drink coffee are not really tasting coffee, but get together to chat and taste leisurely conversation with each other. Smoking hookah is a major feature of the Egyptian hookah hall. The hookah is connected to a glass bottle with a rubber tube. The glass bottle is filled with water, on which is placed a cigarette bag pot, and the cigarette bag pot is filled with cigarette cream. Put red charcoal on the cigarette cream, and suck it on the cigarette holder. The water in the glass bottle bubbled up and the smell of the cigarette cream came out. The smell of smoke through the filtration of water seems to become more pure. The people who enter the hookah hall have three teachings and nine ranks. They are everything, from civilians, blue-collar workers and white-collar workers to high-ranking officials and nobles. Therefore, there are also three or sixty-nine in the hookah hall, some are simple and economical; some are original and sentimental; some are elegant, warm and comfortable. Like a simple and affordable one, there is only a humble bar in the store. Cups, trays and hookahs are placed next to the bar, and chairs are placed on the sidewalks on the street. Most of the people who visit this hookah cafe are blue-collar workers who have worked for a day. They came here to see the benefits, spend a little money, while smoking a hookah, drinking a drink, while enjoying the street view of people passing by, surpassing the many troubles of this world, enjoying themselves. And the cafe that pays attention to the mood, the designer is ingenious, the wooden frames on the doors and windows are painted dark brown, looking antique. This cafe attracts young men and women. They come here to taste culture and don't have a sentiment. The high-end hookah house is garden-style, and the roof is covered with red tiles imported from Italy. The style is very unusual. There is a small rockery with a waterfall in the museum. At night when the lights are on, the water of the waterfall is first-class, moving in the stillness and moving. Most people who come to such a hookah are people with faces and faces, men in suits and shoes, and women with grace and elegance. They took a drink while smoking a hookah, sipping slowly bit by bit, and slowly savoring bit by bit. For them, this is a warm harbor that can avoid the impetuosity of this world.
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