Arab hookah is not legal in China

by:WOYU     2020-01-23
I believe that many friends who have just come into contact with Arab hookah have such a question. Can they sell Arab hookah in stores or public places? The answer is yes! To explain this problem, first of all, we must have an understanding of Arab hookah: Arab hookah has a history of thousands of years in Arab countries, while it is a new product in China, at present, the Arab hookah is classified as a smoking set in China. It belongs to the same category as a pipe and ashtray. It is a tool for smoking. Arab hookah can be produced by regular manufacturers in China and can be exported. It is not a contraband. The export customs code for Arab hookah is 96140010. 90 friends who are interested can go and find out. To sum up, there is no difference between selling Arab hookah and selling ordinary smoking utensils. If you want to open a store for sale, just register a business license for smoking utensils, it is no different from registering an ordinary company.
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