Arab hookah appears in many domestic and foreign film shots

by:WOYU     2020-02-05
Arabian hookah is a kind of smoke that has been popular in Europe and the United States many years ago. It is similar to the hookah in Yunnan and Guangxi. It can be seen everywhere in many entertainment venues such as bars, KTVs and restaurants in Europe and the United States. In recent years, Arab hookah has been accepted by many people who pursue health for its many advantages such as no nicotine, and has become popular in many large and medium-sized cities, appearing in many TV dramas, film and television dramas and variety shows, it has become a representative of popular fashion and is favored by young people. The smoke set of The Arabian hookah consists of a smoke pot, a smoke bowl, a bendable pipe and a cigarette holder. When pumping water smoke, the water in the smoke pot can play a role in cleaning and filtering, and can reduce the content of nicotine. Nowadays, after continuous improvement, the taste of hookah is very different from the original. Hookah tobacco is like a cocktail and can be matched at will. Only about 30% of its ingredients are tobacco, and the rest can be added with fruit juice, honey and even wine. Therefore, the hookah is lighter. In Arab countries, hookah has become a common social activity. In Paris, most customers who come to smoke shisha are trying to experience a novel feeling. In order to give customers a more real experience, the bosses have taken great pains. From the decoration of the hookah, to the tablecloths, plates, tea sets and other supplies, they all have rich Arabic characteristics. Because now hookah is a trend. You can not only enjoy the delicious Arabic hookah and exotic environment, but also fully appreciate the hookah culture originating from Arabia. If you have seen the movie 'no longer let you alone' and want to appreciate the unique taste of Arab hookah and enjoy the exotic customs obsessed by many stars such as Liu Ye and Huang Qiusheng, you may as well experience it. Or you want your bar, KTV, etc. to have more exquisite decorations, so that guests can enjoy an exotic atmosphere to increase your passenger flow, you may wish to give it a try.
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