Appreciation of Hookah with Plum and Bamboo Pattern

by:WOYU     2020-02-17
There are various decorative themes for hookahs. It is not uncommon to decorate bamboo and plum blossoms on hookahs, but the combination of bamboo and plum blossoms on the hookahs is used to decorate and engraved the 'sweet plum blossoms, three bamboos'. There are not many pots, so this article takes a copper bronze engraved plum bamboo hookah as an example for further exploration. The pot is 26 cm high and weighs 350 grams. It is made of copper. The hookah is composed of tobacco pipe, smoke nest, storage bin, hand support, and water bucket. There is a chain between the pipe and the hand support. The tweezers and the brush are missing. The circular smoke storage bin cover is engraved with six rows of regular script small letters 'eighteen-Fu Chenyuanji', which shows that the pot's origin is Guangzhou. This method of engraving the origin and store number in the smoke storage bin cover Very common. The cross section of the kettle body is flat oval, and both sides are divided into three bar charts, one of which is full of lush bamboo, and the right side is a bird with a humming bird. The middle of it is 'Zhu Bao San Duo' 4 Figure (Figure 2), the other side is full of plum blossoms, with the words 'Mei Kai Fu Gui' inscribed in the middle (Figure 3). A potted orchid grows as a decoration on one side of the pot. In addition, the decoration of this pot is exquisitely carved, the knife is vigorous, and the handwriting is clear, showing richness and atmosphere. Plum and bamboo are the main decorative body of this pot. Plum and bamboo have always been admired for their pride and firmness, and both have been named gentlemen. In addition, plum and bamboo in the Chinese traditional culture also symbolizes wealth and good fortune, and China has always said that 'the five blossoms of the plum blossoms, the bamboo reports three more'. Plum blossoms and bamboo are regarded as rich and auspicious incarnations in Chinese tradition. The two sides of this pot with 'Mei Kai Fu Noble' and 'Bamboo Newspaper' are undoubtedly the embodiment of this tradition. For the predecessors, as a tool for smoking hookah, its practical function is the most important, but outside of use, people also pay attention to the aesthetics of its decoration, making the hookah both practical and beautiful. The beauty and value of the white bronze shaded plum and bamboo hookah are not only reflected in the fine carving and reasonable layout of the decorative pictures, but also more importantly, people place their expectations for a better life in this square inch. Although this pot has been tarnished for a long time, by interpreting the meaning behind this pot plum and bamboo, we can also imagine where the predecessors enjoyed the pot when they used it.
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