The story of Woyu

  • 2021-10-28

Woyu-----A rising Arabic hookah brand, with its fashionable, luxurious and individual design concept and exquisite detail processing, it provides customers with more distinguished visual enjoyment.

Arabian waterpipe originated in India, thrived in the Middle East, and produced in China. As the world's largest consumer country, we are committed to creating a first-class Arabian waterpipe brand, positioned in the middle and high-end consumer groups, not just for survival in terms of quality , It is also seeking development in design to meet the needs of mid-to-high-end consumer groups.

The Woyu brand originated from the most original hookah shape 800 years ago. This piece is mainly reflected in our logo design. We follow the design concept of returning to the original to create the Woyu brand. Hookah, as the name implies, uses water, which guarantees To understand the essence of hookah, use this product through the filtration of water. The word "Wo" means watering and fertile. Our "Wo" intention is that the brand takes root and sprouts on this fertile land in China. Yu means up and down. All the space, the world, our "Yu" means that our brand is moving from the domestic to the world, becoming stronger and bigger.

The founder of the brand, Mr. Zhong Xingyu, liked Arab culture when he was in college. After graduation, he came into contact with Arab hookahs from Arab friends. He became very interested in this thing for the first time. The survey found that this product is a blank area in the domestic market, as the earliest A group of e-commerce people are keen to capture this business opportunity and make it their first business plan.

With the perseverance and mission of the products, Woyu has developed the most outstanding design team, the domestic sales department, the most professional foreign trade department and the most dedicated after-sales service department. In the future development of the company, We are adhering to the tenet of "customer first" and the principle of "quality first, latest design, friendly cooperation", and work together with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better tomorrow in the industry!

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